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Healing wounding from inside our mothers womb - Hypnotherapy and Deep Healing Integration
Healing wounding from inside our mothers womb - Hypnotherapy and Deep Healing Integration
2024 ལོའི་ཟླ་༥ཚེས་17 5:00 ཕྱི་དྲོ་ GMT-7
ZOOM Classroom

Join us!

There is no one reading this that is new to this world. you are incarnations and aware consciousness from other dimentions you are shamans healers and light workers. Each of you know within you the activation codes of your highest expression. Within the stillness and awareness lies the healing of ourselves as one. You are I and I am you. Join me as we take a moment of respite to reconnect in silence and speak the universal language of energy of enlightment as we work with the light within.


The Energy created on this date allows a choice of expansion or contraction. Join a powerful activation of the caducial energy flow within the body in order to unblock any stagnation in the higher layers of our multidimensional body. Through the embodiment of great cosmic energy we chanel collectively vibrational resonance for healing the one which we are of. We activate the life force energy flow through the 24 nodes of main energy entry and cycle healing cosmic energy through the 13 main chakra systems. This become reflected wihtin the gridlines of the earth and extends out to the mirror in the stars above and within us.


Fractal activation

Ancestral Clearing

Opening of heavy energy and emotional blockages

Releasing subliminal encoded programs within the crystaline spinal structure

Activation of higher expression codes within DNA

Deep holographic chakra healing and clearing

Activation of higher chakra system


Join me for a gentle, loving healing and activation as you reunite with the all.

merging with your highest expression as the alpha and the omega.


You are light


Join by zoom or live on you Tube


You are love

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