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International Association For Near-Death Studies

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International Association For Near-Death Studies
International Association For Near-Death Studies

Orario & Sede

10 set 2022, 10:00 GMT-7 – 11 set 2022, 16:00 GMT-7

Info sull'evento

Every night after work as a landscaper, Jim "Bubba" Bay went for a walk, and on the night of November 15, 2009, while walking on Hammertown Road in Pine Plains, New York, Bubba fell 14 feet head-first into a gulley, breaking 23 bones, including 11 ribs, 10 vertebrae, his skull and left scapula. After a day in intensive care, the doctors induced a coma. Bubba survived, and when he awoke from the coma, he began to tell his family and friends about his remarkable visions on the edge of death. After a life scarred by the deaths of two sons, Bubba emerged from his own near-death experience with his faith in God renewed and his eyes opened to everyday miracles. His full story is told in his book, 'Miracle on Hammertown Road.' He will tell his story and answer questions in person beginning at 10 a. m.

Geraldine Orozco had a life-changing ET contact experience in 2013 that resulted in the activation of psychic abilities, and in 2017 she underwent several hypnotic regressions that uncovered a life-long history of abduction and participation in human hybridization, with 24 hybrid children as the result. She will be present with us by Zoom from California from 2 – 4 p. m. to tell her story and answer questions from the audience.

More info about our speakers can be obtained from their websites: and

For further info about VBIANDS go to, join our Meetup group, find us on Facebook, reach us at and contact Dick Dinges at 757 575-2759

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