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Fri, Feb 19


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Zero Point Retreat - Geraldine Orozco & Xane Daniel

Embodiment of Zero Point

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Zero Point Retreat - Geraldine Orozco & Xane Daniel
Zero Point Retreat - Geraldine Orozco & Xane Daniel

Time & Location

Feb 19, 2021, 1:00 PM – Feb 22, 2021, 5:00 PM

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About the Event

This powerful 3 day retreat will be instrumental to you coming next three years.

we are strongly guided to create a course of deep integration, connection and embodiment.

Led by Geraldine Orozco and Xane Daniel

All time zones at Pacific standard time - PST please be aware of time 

Day 1 - Starts at 1pm PST - 6pm PST

  • Cutting Cords with Toxic patterns
  • Releasing Karma
  • Intro to healing
  • Activation by Xane Daniel Removing Negative Attachments
  • Burden and Release
  • transmuting Discomfort in Bodies.
  • Understanding how emotions work, why we have them, the  difference between the emotions we have as incarnations versus the  emotions we have as souls.
  • The most important approach we have to take when raising our vibration that is often forgotten - The Mindset Vibration
  • As  we step up our ascension journey, one of the most important tools we  can use is the ability to speak to the Master. The Master is within all  of us and he/she has access to all universal knowledge.

Day 2 - Starts 9 Am PST

Yoga - 9AM 1 hr  Full Body Integration

  • Introduction
  • meet Xane and Geraldine
  • Meet and greet with everyone - connection
  • Full body Grounding
  • Body Communication Sensitivity
  • Activations
  • Understanding Suffering
  • Shift in Intention
  • Understanding reality
  • Chakra Empowerment

Day 3 - Starts  9 am PST

Yoga 9am 1hr Full Body Integration

  • Vipassana Meditation - Surrender
  • What is Freewill
  • Identifying the Polarity amongst all living things
  • The Creation Story
  • Soul Embodiment
  • Full Chakra Activation
  • Working with Life Force Energy

This powerful 3 day integration will help guide you through a process of deeper awareness of our fears blockage and where we require further integration.

About Geraldine Orozco

Geraldine is owner of Bay Area Meditation in San Francisco CA. Which specializes in corporate wellness programs for  Silicon Valley tech giants including: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Square, Procepts Biorobotics and more.

Geraldine provides insight as to how DNA is the currency of the past, present and future and how consciousness plays an important role.  Geraldine discovered that DNA functions as a holographic storage system and how epigenetics can help us understand how the body heals and rebalances the body mind and soul.

She facilitates DNA Reprogramming internationally, is a speaker, radio host of the Spiritual You Show with Dave Scott, and is currently writing her book: DNA Origins and the Hybridization Program.

Certified Hypnotherapist, Pranic, Quantum & Shamanic Energy healing, She is an Akashic Intuitive, Meditation Expert, Qigong master, Collective Trauma Researcher and Archetypal Social Theorist.

Her website: & YouTube Channel @geraldineorozco

About Xane

Xane Daniel is an intuitively-guided Lightworker, accomplished publisher and captivating speaker. He helps people achieve mental and emotional health, bliss and peace by fine-tuning the subconscious mind and activating the heart. His graphic novel series, RIGHTEOUS, and his unique modality, Soul Essence Activation, are both powerful catalysts for enlightenment for readers and clients alike.

After an Ayahuasca experience in 2013 shifted his focus from video game production to spirituality, Xane discovered his connection to numerous extra-dimensional collectives, spirits, and other entities, including the Hathors, the Ancients, the spirit of Ayahuasca, the Arcturians, and the Andromedans.

Using his Soul Essence Activation modality for audiences and individuals, Xane incorporates intention and sound harmonics to bring the soul's essence to the surface. His unique modality clears mental and emotional blocks, crystallizes DNA, and raises the vibrational frequency of participants. Individualized sessions incorporate techniques to remove specific blocks to self-esteem, self-love, prosperity, personal relationships, health, and countless other struggles to allow for unencumbered spiritual and emotional growth.

In collaboration with his extra-dimensional support team, Xane also activates crystals, imbues water with awakening properties, removes lower vibrational attachments, eliminates negative soul fragments, removes alien implants, reveals and enhances spiritual gifts, and directly modifies timelines. Xane’s powerful activations coupled with his unique understanding of unconditional love and the nature of this reality allows him to guide clients to a place of inner peace and ascension.


  • 5 hours

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  • 9 hours

    Day 2
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