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Ultimate Star Beings Conference

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Welcome to the largest Extraterrestrial event that has ever taken place.  5 Days of non stop awareness for 8 hours a day with back to back  experiencers, contactees, researchers, spiritualists, consciousness  explorers, authors and more. This event is a call out to The Universe  and an energetic frequency in the beginning stages of ushering in open  contact with our galactic family.   This gathering will increase the awareness of the truth that we are not  alone in the universe and are intrinsically connected to the cosmos. The  amount of inspiration, wisdom and information that you will experience  will be revolutionary and paradigm shifting. We intend to create a  further paradigm shift just from this event.   Join us to be a part of this historical event and usher in full  disclosure… disclosure of the ET presence, UFOs, ancient history and the  true potential of humans from Earth.


 The Largest Extraterrestrial Awareness Event Ever Taken Place 

We  are co-creating this conference with SoulSearch, Star Family Wisdom, The  Galactic Alliance, New Realities & Star Codes, bringing together  speakers and organizations for the collection mission of a future with  open contact and harmonious reality in which we traverse space and  create peace on Earth.

We are the ones we have been waiting for and the moment is now to shift into the next octave of existence.

 Featuring 55 speakers & 10 Mc’s… all in 5 days!



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