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Group Alignments

It's time to do the work!  Bay Area Meditation brings you Source Soircees. We all understand the healing power of group meditation but combine that with a deep integrative and focused source healing and you got yourself an Enlightened Engagement, a Conscious Carousing a Galactic Gala and an Ascensions Affair... You get the Point. 


The purpose of these group "parties" is that everyone connects, shares and leaves this class with a profound sense of having worked on a deeper level than ever before. These meditations are intuitively guided and each program is carefully curated in order to provide a deep shift in the desired focus. Working with the Multidimensional body I assist you in learning how to Ground, Protect yourself, Align your chakra centers and Create by creating a deep intentional practice that can be used daily.  Using advanced Pranic healing techniques each person goes into light regression in order to heal deep programming. Sessions are recorded for everyone to use (unless otherwise stated) *Please Note Deep Entity Removals can only be done in private sessions due to their sensitive nature. 


These group healings will be held in the comfort of your home, office or venue of choice and can be customized upon request. Sessions last 2 to 4 hours long depending on which you choose please select from the list below. 

Price per person includes conscious goody bag which includes tools and gifts specific to the healing. 






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