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An Original SciSpi TV Series

Geraldine Orozco is an Intuitive Pranic Healer and Ascension Coach. On October 15, 2013 Geraldine experienced a vivid abduction from her bedroom window where she recounts being taken on board a ship in which she meets tall grays that show her eight hybrid children along with a sting of intriguing information.

Since that time, she has tapped into advanced information about many scientific and spiritual topics.

On this show, From Creature to Creator - Matrix to Infinity, she will discuss

 -Decoding the binary matrix at the quantum human level

-Moving out of the gaze of delusion into evolution of infinite consciousness. 

The show will also focus on:

1. Learning how to utilize the technology of the human body.

2. Deprogramming Matrix Programming 

3. leaving the reincarnation Organism

4. Quantum mechanics of Consciousness 

5 Transcending limiting concepts of evolution 

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