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Stress is Fear

STRESS & WORRY ARE FEAR - why are you living in fear? If you are living in fear and stressing about things you cannot control in your life you are being your biggest enemy. If you are stressing about the things you think you CAN change you are bullying yourself.


Here is what you CAN change:

#1 - The way you feel.

#2 - The way you feel.


#3 - The way you feel

You are in charge of how you react to the things occurring around you and you are in charge of how you decide things affect you. if you are living in fear and stress you are denying yourself the power to control your life. You are limiting longevity and the experience of a rich and healthy life.

Stop Terrorizing yourself with worst case scenarios

Stop Terrorizing yourself with negative thoughts

Stop Bullying yourself with criticism.

("if "she/he" didn't call you back it doesn't mean you do not deserve to be loved and will die alone")

("if you don't have the job you want to have it doesn't mean you will never be able to get it")

The sooner you Choose Yourself and your immediate state of well being mind, body and soul - (regardless of the circumstance) the sooner you own your life.

keep today's peace right where it is. In You!

Let me help you choose "you" everyday by creating a routine that allows you to create balance. Every single morning you open your eyes! Receive helpful reminders and tips that are custom to your life and how you are living.

Learn to meditate and heal, rejuvinate and awaken to the posibility of being a creator. by owning your life and being in charge of YOU!

The most important person to the world right now Is YOU!

Geraldine Orozco

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