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What is your AuraSphere?

This is your Aurasphere.

our self everything we need to navigate our hectic lives. Here are the basics of your Aurasphere.sponge, we pick people’s lower vibrations such as pain. Sadness suffering, anger, disparate etc. and unconsciously make it our own. Instead of owning our space and our experience. On the other hand when we are conscious of our space. We are able to decide how we want our experience to live out. We can fill our space with peace, joy, love, and provide The Auric field, magnetic field and energy field can be felt by everyone around you, when we are not mindful of our space we allow all kinds of things inside our space that do not belong. Like a

1.It can expand it around you as large or small as you feel you need.

2.You own this space. choose what you allow inside your space. choose when to reject negativity from entering.

5.You clean it with meditation.

6. Create your experience from within.

7. You heal within it.

8. Constantly check for gaps and openings caused by emotional stress and trauma.

9. This is your protection.

Our Aurasphere is our protection in times of fear and doubt and our conscious activation of it is crucial to a healthy mind and body.

Be aware of your sphere at all times throughout your day

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