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Self Love Meditation


Friday is a perfect day to dedicate a moment to nurturing yourself and loving yourself. Your week was long and hard. And the monotony and energy in the office required a lot of you. We often feel drained and exasperated to get out of that environment. Things don't always go as we hope and plan and we have to realize that the attachment to results is an illusion we can easily discard. Take five mins today to bring your externalized attention back into your body.

1- Ground yourself 2- Engage your Aurasphere 3- Visualize you are floating in a sea of a million stars sparkling all around you in the universe. 4- Visualize that as you look at your body you are actually one of those stars shimmering and beaming a giant light. 5- The stars around you are also people in their light form. You realize that we are all an ocean of the same. Made the same and beaming the same light of consciousness. 6- from the sun decends this vibrant golden light and enters into your aurasphere it begins to rain a beautiful warm light over your entire body. 7- from your solar plexus you begin to eminate a deep sense of love and joy. 8- the golden light penetrates you skin your flesh bones and every cell transforming doubt and seperation into love and compassion. 8- you repeat 7 times

I love myself I am worthy I am complete I am the master of my body and mind I love myself

With all my love I hope today's hardships smooth out before you. As your strength lies in knowing that you are worthy with the power to create your experience, Never a victim of your life. Questions, Comments, Classes

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