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Our Multidimensional Bodies

Our human bodies are such complex and magical tools of energy in combination with our physical body we are a super powers of energy that are interconnected with our thoughts, emotions and those connect to specific body parts through energy vortexes called chakras. Why is this important? because our life is connected to everything around us in a multidimensional way and when we feel other peoples energy for example "bad mood" we dont often stop to question how it has affected us until we tooare mans are not the only creatures with auras, however. Every living thing has an aura around it, which can only be seen in certain conditions and with adequate training. Auras usually appear as a glow encompassing your entire body, but can be separated into smaller elements just like your chakras. When you know what colors relate to certain moods, you are able to tell how somebody else is feeling - without reading their mind !

Seeing a happy couple together will produce an aura between the two that seems to be joined in the middle. This is the energy of their love mixing and merging between them. Likewise, if two friends have had an argument their auras will be thinner than usual when nearby because their energies are focussed on being angry with one another.

Auras are made up of the following auric fields:

  • The physical field vibrates at the lowest frequency of all fields, is visible to the human eye without training and changes according to health and wellbeing.

  • The etheric field is like a blueprint for the physical body. It usually has a grey appearance and changes based on how energy flow throughout the body needs the physical body to develop. It handles energy exchange between the universal energy field and the physical body.

  • The emotional field is one of the more colourful fields and changes hue based on mood and that wellbeing of each chakra. Stress and tension will affect the state of this field. It is more oval than the etheric field which tends to follow the shape of the physical body.

  • The mental field is usually more spread out than the emotional even though it overlaps. It is visible as bright yellow, usually around the crown of the head. In religious paintings important figures are seen with a yellow halo just like the mental field appears to those who can see it. It changes depending on how confused or focussed you are and benefits from work on 3rd and 5th chakras.

  • The astral field acts as a nexus between the physical and spiritual realms. It exists in it's own plane, the astral plane, free of the confines of time and space. It generates colours similar to the emotional field, but usually with a reddish hue. Benefits from work on all chakras.

  • The etheric template field exists purely on the spiritual plane and is the spiritual equivalent of the physical field. It represents the human physically in the spirit plane.

  • The celestial field or spiritual field has access to all energies from the universe and appears as pastel colours similar to those of the emotional field. It acts as a template for the etheric field in the physical plane.

  • The causal field is named causal because it is to do with the direction your life is going to take. Appearing as a pale gold to the viewer, this field exists well beyond death and even into the next life. Energy here is used to direct our lower levels of existence based on a world without time or space. It is the equivalent of the mental field in the spiritual plane.

Here's two ways you can get started and begin to see an

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