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Can You stop judging others?

Judgment is interesting. When I see judgement in the people I work with and especially withing myself, It manifests as a doorway to the deepest fears within ourselves. The same way we judge others is how we are afraid of being judged. We all have different parameters of morals, ethics and acceptance but in truth, it is our very judgment that is a jail cell. Within this jail cell we inhibit our deepest longings, desires and our true definition lies entangled between the shoulds' and should nots of the world we perceive around us. Who would you "really" be if you could act, and do what you truly desired and felt to express.


The world would be full of fearsome spirits living in full empowerment. What if we worked towards that liberation a little more each day? As we catch ourselves the second we feel to judge we dig a little deeper and uncover the tension in our gut of rejection and fear. What is going on in our minds Become conscious of your every thought and open a world of communication with yourself! With all my love!

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