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Thoughts & Emotions are Vibrations

If you have ever taken an #art class in color theory or basic #science you know that every color has a vibration. You know that we are affected by color because it causes different effects on our phycology or emotions and even our health. If you are in the #marketing field you know that by using certain colors you can engage a larger target audience to your specified products. I will discuss this in a future post. Because everything is energy and vibration we resonate at different levels depending on our thoughts and emotional states. DO YOU REALIZE THE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS?


everything around you can be altered from this perspective and that's what we ate going to learn at our next Chakra class! But for now let's put this knowledge to work: 1-Close your eyes 2-Ground yourself 3-Aurasphere 4-Align your chakras 5-Visualize a white board in front of you and ask to see what the color for "Joy" is! (Don't doubt yourself whatever color or colors that come up are what you need!) 6- Fill your aurasphere with that color 7- keep this up all day and experience what changes. Dont forget nothing can alter your space without your permission when you are Owning your space. Questions, Comments, Classes

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