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Cut Cords All the Time

Your about to go to sleep after a long hard day at work. You've put a lot into your day. A million thoughts and worries cross your mind. Thoughts of the future, memories of the past.

Interacting with your co-workers And working through insecurities while building relationships So many facets of our expression are occurring at once. These interactions create connections that syphon your energy even after you have left and moved on to another activity. It's time to cut cords Close your eyes BREATHE DEEPLY Review your day Ground yourself Engage your Aurasphere Cleans your space One by one cut cords and break contracts with everything you feel you need to let go. Vizualize scissors, lazers, knifes, fire (whatever feel real to you) And cut at their end first and then at yours. Watch these cords disintegrate into cosmic dust. Your intention is the key to this practice. Be clear about your intention. Do not be energetic food to parasites and toxic people. Cleans your space. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

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