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New Years 8 Day Cyber Meditation Retreat + 3 day silent retreat - Join me Jan 1-8

Silence Speaks Louder Than Words or Actions -Join me in welcoming the new year in silence, holding a powerful new vibration.

I will be entering in 3 day silent retreat starting Jan 1st till Jan 3rd breaking only to lead 30 min meditation live on Facebook everyday at 12 noon I will not be taking any calls or Emails nor any appointments for that date as they have been blacked out from the calendar. I Invite you to join me as well! After the 3rd I will be continuing service as per my normal schedule from the 4th to the 8th and leading a Cyber Meditation for all who wish to join. Please join me in an 8 Day Mental Detox. Connecting to the Council this weekend I have learned and received important information regarding the beginning of this new year. Jan 31st. To the 1st as We shift from 2017 to 2018 We start the beginning of a time of great discovery and collective shift, this year will be called the year of infinity. As we are shifting timelines. Those that are connected to themselves and source will become sensitive to this shift by means of emotional and intuitive awareness. We are currently about to receive a major energetic wave of new information which will alter our DNA data. These universal shifts are energies that are traveling through the universe with a specific coding to assist those who are ready to move forward in their designated life paths and work. This year 2017, was the beginning of a trinity of transformation. As the next 3 years are the years we transform dualities. The infinity year 2018 represent the merging of these dualities. Currently we are understanding what the light and the dark inside us have meant and this year we have had to make difficult choices to leave behind what no longer serves the path to deep inner connection outside the holographic matrix..

Seekers and light workers at this time we are asked to leave behind the old paradigm and create a new example for those around us. No longer can we live following in the same energetic foot prints that created the matrix. A deep awareness of the dualities and the current state of the universe are needed from all. Please assist in spreading the light. We cannot keep living in the murky waters of confusion. Love is the most powerful expansive energy in the universe and more than ever we hold the tools to create change despite forces that wish to manipulate the matrix to suppress. Love has many languages and many applications. Use all outlets possible. I am holding space for this 8 day meditation as a duty to raise the vibration in the planet. I need your assistance in spreading the word to as many lightworkers as possible. We must ALIGN ourselves in order to receive this information and everyone will receive it differently as necessary for their journey. We are shifting timelines where we will live simultaneously with previous paradigms until the completion of the trinity years. as we approach the center of the highest vibration of the galactic shift we are traveling thought this three year transition. Our multidimensional reality exists holding all possible realities simultaneously.Therefor at times they will merge in order to integrate the necessary shifts. It is very important that we raise our vibration in physical mass energy and Creation. The old paradigm will continue to transition during this time, in order to guide us through the transition of others who are still awakening to the necessary realities. In a way we are playing a constant catch up game. because that is how vibration moves through space, all realities move however not all exactly at the same time as per the natural law of physics. this occurs in all realities in all things in our creation.

The time shift on earth during the transition of 2017 to 2018 is important only due to the energetic alignment that is occurring in the universe. It is important that we unite through our minds. and open the channels of communication energetically. in order to do that, Meditation is needed. Silence is needed. I deep disconnect is needed from all the distractions that are orchestrated around us. Remember that these distractions play with our consciousness and pull us further away from our inner truth. everything that causes a rise in your emotions is meant to feed the conductors of these orchestrations. Please remember that in order to create a shift and a change it will never be from the same cloth they curtain around us. Change comes from a deep connection to universal truth to the fountain of knowledge that is your mind. please join me in welcoming the new year in silence working on higher realms than the physical. I am grateful to all who take the time to read and i look forward to connecting with you over the next couple days..

Starting Dec 26th to Dec 29th Daily 2017 Detox live on Facebook at 5pm

Starting Jan 1st silent retreat with daily live meditation at 12pm

Jan 1st to 8th Cyber Meditation Retreat as you connect Daily.from wherever you are!

please email questions to

To book a session please call 415.996.7116

All my love






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