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Clearing Holiday Stress & Cutting Cords

I had awesome questions during our session yesterday regarding cutting cords:

Question: Can cords be positive at times?

Answer: E. Awesome question!! cords are an energetic exchange that occurs when we are not conscious of our space. The ideal conscious interaction occurs when both parties are balanced and grounded, with each participant owning their space. What tends to happen in all relationships from: friends, family, siblings children and partners, Is that we play an energetic dynamic of give and take. The problem is that this dynamic stems from the perception of the subconscious mind. Which stores all programs created through each persons experience. Do you see how this perception can be skewed? these are stored from all behavioral memories. When we are coming from a balanced place we own our space and we no longer need to play any kind of energetic dynamic. This way all interactions are balanced, Balance stems from wholeness. Wholeness occurs when the dualities within are merged and that is were we find high vibrations such as love an compassion. so this balanced perception is what results from a conscious alignment. Everything has a duality and because of that we must be very honest about the kind of interactions we maintain with the people around us! There is much more to this if you have any questions please let me know!! thank you for your time you are the light!!!

Question Thank you for shining ur Light Geraldine! So the ideal is to have no cords and love will stem out of that. Even too much love might mean an attachment, right?

Answer; Yes the ideal situation is to have balance and neutrality. When we have too much love we must ask were that is coming from sometimes there is a subconscious need for that expression which is not always for the benefit of the one receiving the is always a beautiful creative energy but balance is important for health of either party.... the one giving and the one create lasting relationships!


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