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Birth and Death... Here's to both!


To my readers. There are no words that could sum up this year. As I take a very long deep breath. I feel blessed to be celebrating this birthing; completely conscious of my emotions and surroundings, both internally and externally, in solace and peace. Today I am celebrating new years exactly how I have wanted for many years. That is, to be in complete contemplation of everything that has occurred. It is important to take the time to look back fearless, and with authenticity. This year marks the end of an old paradigm for some of us.

Leaving behind unconscious actions, thoughts, and words. Not rising from a simple compulsion of fear or suppression. But a true deep expression and understanding of what is occurring around us. A deep curiosity and willingness to search for what is real for each of us.....Take responsibility for your life! We wake up tomorrow completely conscious and filled with love.

Tomorrow as I commence my three days of silence I will review every memory of this past year that I am afraid to look at. In particular, the parts that are blackout because they are hard to see. Its ok to feel. These are the gifts we offer our journey so that we can transform and grow.

This year has been both the most painful and the most beautiful. It was Yin and Yang. Some moments I would never want to live again, And there are parts that were so beautiful that I could reside within an eternity. the second half of my year changed 180 degrees and it changed the exact moment I stopped being AFRAID OF EVERYTHING, most importantly AFRAID of myself. Having come to terms with the fact that I am larger than "life" and I accept all dualities with me and all dualities outside of me. I offer my life completely to the service of others. to the healing of this planet to the evolution and healing of each being.

Through my actions, i hope to do nothing but inspire love and transformation in you all. Thank you for your friendship, support, and your love. What a magnificent ride it's been. I want to give a very special thanks to Sister albaweinman @lorienfenton @mieshJohnson for allowing me the opportunity to explore beyond the limitations of this reality. I am so grateful to all my dear friends who are now like a family you are all so very special to me ad I look forward to our work in 2018.

Happy New Year!!!

we bring this new year with a high vibration, Source Connection, Grounded, Aligned, Protected and Creating.

All my love

Geraldine Yashodhara Orozco <3

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