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3Days of Silence, Preparing to Cross Over & A Message From Source

I I just returned from 3 days of silence and it was a powerful experience, to say the least. It was important to me to begin this year, 2018, with clear intention and vision of what I am creating.

Also the message I am intending to put out. Since this summer, I feel like I have been catching up with hundreds of emails. I can't deny that with so much changing over the last 6 months I felt a very strong sense of urgency to do everything at once. Reply to every email and to get out as much information as possible. But some days there are just not enough hours in the day.

I could feel myself feeling a nagging feeling in the back of my mind. how do others do it? I will do it regardless.

Day ONE 1

It was not the silence I had trouble with, I am a very silent person in general.

I don't "need" to talk, and I have been eliminating distraction from my life for a few years now. What I found interesting was the anxiety that started to creep up. Not being able to reach over for my phone to check emails and calls. I didn't even have my cell with me. This was the first thing I noticed and the anxiety came from my root Chakra,

This feeling of not being safe was a subconscious thought that came to mind. I meditated on this emotion and realized that I was afraid of judgment. Judgment from my family, friends, and Clients that I had taken these three days to myself. I found that interesting and began to clean the emotion. This took me down an interesting road to understanding subconscious fear.

I felt this emotion mostly on the left side of the body at the root and lower abdomen. as we know, our root Chakra is the basis of fear and security and indeed this is the home for anxiety.

On the other spectrum of this duality lies simplicity, security and taking care of one's self. That is exactly what was needed.

For the three days the schedule was as follows:

6 AM Sun Salutation s & Vinyasa Yoga

7 AM Prana Yama Exercise

7 30 AM Lemon Water and Mindfulness

7:45-3:00 PM - Meditation

12:00 pm - 30 min Juicing Break

3:30 to 4:30 pm Vegan Meal - Salad, Soup and Cooked Meal

4:30 - 630pm Vibrational Re-Alignment with Chant

6:30 to 8:00 pm - Breath Work MeditationSilence Meditation

9:30 - Sleep

No Cell Connection

No Internet

No Communication

Day 2 TWO

My very dear and close grandmother is on the verge of crossing over, Making this holiday especially difficult as there was a lingering sense of suspense in the air. Not knowing when "it" would happen.

During my morning meditation, I went into a very deep trance, which unexpectedly, took me directly to her ( In Bolivia). As I saw her laying in a hospital bed connected to IV and Sleeping. She said to me, telepathically, "I need help" among other things.

I immediately noticed that the space she was in was full of dirty and mixed energy I began to work energetically with the space. Grounding and raising the vibration by cleansing and removing stagnant energy. A person that is ill cannot heal in any space with dirty energy. It is important that the space is cleared either by or in combination with an energy healer; Sage or Palo, Salt, Om Chanting or Vibrational sound such as a singing bowl, quartz/Metallic or any high vibration sound distribution instrument. ( I will make a video on cleansing dirty energy space)

Once finished, I started to work on her body.

What I found was alarming and the reason why I am sharing this with you is to discuss the importance of working with the emotional healing of people that are about to cross over. If you have anyone in your family that is in the process of crossing over.

Please consider assisting, in this process, only if the patient is willing. ( You cannot work on anyone without their consent, it goes against the universal laws of free will).

The important thing that I have learned from this experience is the following: An Ill body will contain within it all the concentrated emotions that have not been processed.

This is seen as a lack of Od energy and dis-balance within the physical body.these Concentrated emotions turn into severe blockages over time. It is important to work with each one of these blockages, as they are often connected to family members or past memories. Each receiving end of these cords must be dissolved. The family members that are at the receiving end of these cords have the option to also work on their end to dissolve these cords If they wish to heal their own Karmic contracts with the person passing.

Disclaimer: (Each person has their own set of karmic contracts, so it's not to say that a person is in any way responsible for these blockages. However, in this specific case, each person in my family is familiar with inner work and is also interested in their own healing. Therefore there lies an opportunity for greater healing within the family. Also in this particular case the person passing is agonizing and required assistance with the crossing of vibration realms)

After working on her for an hour her space becomes significantly healed (this has also been confirmed physically).

I can't stress enough the importance and power of Pranic healing and the use of our intention to heal. Everything in the universe is comprised of dualities.

We do not escape this universal law. Our bodies have a positive charge and a negative charge Yin to the Left and Yang to the Right. and further this model is shown down to the very molecule of our being.

In order to maintain balance within the physical body, it is necessary to remove the blockages which affect the flow of subtle energy in the body. The blocked life force or Chi (chee). In this case, my grandmother's body had been so "clogged" with emotional blockages. Which have not been processed properly (she suffered a number of health issues). However, this does not end the crossing over process here.

At the time of death when we are ending our physical lifespan, our contractual evolution does not end their either. Instead, anything that can be processed emotionally within the body and mind during these last moments of life with respect to any lingering contracts. Contracts that have not been dissolved are already recorded in the DNA and Akashic records of the human.

Now there are many beliefs based on life after death or even the lack thereof. I believe that these contractual agreements are made soley within our current matrix Reincarnation cycle.

That being said, any lower/heavier vibratory information stored within the energetic compound of a human; Can define their free will "enlacement" within this matrix and designated network.

( we will talk about that at another time).

In summary, constantly healing our emotional blockages is crucial to the balance of human body and mind. Any blockage of energy flow in the body can be seen through the meridians of the body and affect proprietary systems.

Day 3Three

I began to feel antsy again but I worked on heavy breath work to detox the mind and combined a lot of chanting. I will make a video on the power and science behind chanting as this is very important for anyone struggling with meditation.

Meditation was deep and connected me to Source, Integrating everything I have received, here is what I have to share.

Dearest All, It Is time to get serious about what we know. All of us are doing our part educating our selves and searching for the truth, but do not forget to silence the mind. Within our mind, is our ability to access and direct our subtle energy. Our energetic body is the actual tool to our evolution and healing. Absolutely nothing outside our physical selves will give us the power to activate this energy within us.

We must work with focusing on this inner energy and purifying our internal guidance system. There are many aspects to this process, however a unification of all aspects of the self must take place now. We are talking about merging the high vibrational self into the physical body and from there, opening the channels of communication with all, in order to activate our abilities. There is nothing magical, religious, or even spiritual about our need to connect to this inner energy.

It is the proper use and engagement of our consciousness. Something which we now know a lot about. However as beings from which this life force and consciousness derive. The proper health and use of all aspects of the self must occur. Now more than ever.

Consciousness, is the use of every part of the body; because every last cell of the human body contains a certain consciousness, a life force and electromagnetic field of its own.

We must understand that as we bring ourselves into balance we balance everything around us.

In résumé, I am sad to leave this blissful silence which was a pleasure for me.

As an empath, I found returning to the everyday cycle and communication with others to be quite a violent change. 3 days didn't seem very long but the inner work accomplished separated and cleansed any energetic connection that was made prior.

This left me very clear on what I needed. The result: a very deep feeling of connection to everything and everyone and a very deep feeling of unconditional love. Which is exactly the vibration needed to heal and do my work.

I am beyond joyful and this silence allowed for that flow through my body. I invite you to focus on the same in your temple.

All my Love

Geraldine Yashodhara Orozco

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