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Ascension Flu of 2018 - building inner belief

In a journey of healing recently I dive deep into the root cause of the flu virus and how it enters the body. The root cause was fear. A preprogrammed fear of death which lingers and has been subtly programmed within the mind since the beginning of time. I Traced this fear within myself to try and understand the root cause of an opening/alignment with this. I was taken to the exact moment in which I took on this entity. My fear was carefully woven within a fear of rejection. In which I had chosen activities that where done to please others by fear of rejection or not feeling included. And in doing this, abandoning my health and the need for rest by expressing my limitations. As I healed layers of this emotion, by recognizing it's roots in my ancestral network, then further many lives and all the way to the library of Alexandria in which I had a life of a magi writing "DNA code". DNA Code was used since the beginning of our creation in order to bind a lower vibration to the physical form. Resulting in control and in doing this again my consciousness as I saw far into the future of man kind. Originally this information was studied by looking at the master DNA, which held in itself this duality. I followed this strain all the way through, what seemed a Fibonacci sequence which connected back to source. A Fibonacci sequence of information is a fractal of infinity. In its likeness, the entire matrix universe is built. All aspects of source essence are infinity (8). At the very root of the creation of our matrix universe lies an aspect which was "infected" per se, with an aspect of this same fear, which was an imbalance within that aspect. This is an imprint of the Matrix universe within us all. The matrix universe is an aspect of source that is becoming whole, healing itself. As all source aspects heal, it is unified with the same. There is no separation between good and bad. It is the integration of those dualities within us that make us whole. It is the integration of all dualities which which makes source whole. Where in the last 24 hrs, week, month, 6 months, year, and let's go further, are you acting out of a deep need (lack) of love or acceptance. Abandoning

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