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The Spiritual You on SpacedOutRadio 4-3-2018 -join me!

Geraldine on "The spiritual you"

So much has happened since we last connected my friends I cant even begin to tell you all the exciting projects I have in store for you this year!

First I want to begin by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your support and your love and I am reopening my calendar to take appointments again April 12 please note appointments are booked in 3 time slots only and each session is and hour and half to 2 hours long please plan accordingly.

I have been so blessed with the opportunity to meet so many lovely seekers. Who are working hard with their healing and transformation. Every day my belief in humanity is strengthened more and more. Thank you for the incredible feed back! Thank you for your light!

Hearing that you are healing transforming and shifting in this new paradigm brings me a love I cant explain! It brings me pure joy.

While at the UFOCON this last week I have had the honor of working in a regression with the incredible Barbara Lamb. I will share more on that soon!

As soon as it is available I will be releasing my presentation at the conference with you all. Speaking on Abduction DNA Origins and the Hybridization and Ascension Program with even further information squired through my regression which brings me to my work with Miesha.

Previous to the conference, I had the honor of working with the lovely Miesha Johnston in another ground breaking session. By the way Mieshas' presentation was so amazing, I strongly suggest you check her out when it becomes available. Miesha is such a strong woman. I will make a separate blog about all the speakers and new friends I made at the conference this week.

I will be uploading both recent regressions soon for us to discuss. We have a lot to talk about! - a sneak peak into this information I bring fourth:

Galactic vibrational information and how it affects us, Sacred Geometry and the integration of sound. what is DNA? What does source look like ( I travel to the other side) How does ascension work?

I will be Traveling to Mexico from the 5th to the 11 and doing a Fabulous guided daily Meditation.

Tonight!! SO excited to be Co-host with Dave Scott on Spaced out Radio 9pm PDT - we will be talking all things spiritual. Be sure to tune in! <3

Its time to go deep. deeper and deeper we go into understanding this shift. deeper we go into emotions, deeper we go into healing. unlocking the secrets of the universe in order to understand who you are.

This Saturday I will be doing a very special Facebook Live and my very first podcast with James Newman -a healer with the unique and incredible ability to translate light languages, he has collaborated with Alba Weinmans session 201 - where this beautiful woman speaks on light language:

see that here

I unexpectedly began speaking light languages about 5 months ago I will talk about my evolution through understanding light language and the incredible information I received about this rare art form in my recent session with Barbara Lamb....

so many wonderful things occurring and we are here Grounded Protected Aligned and Creating through these waves of transformation and ascension.

I send you all my love and hope to see you soon!

Geraldine Y. Orozco

Namaste unconditional Love and Source Connection!

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