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The Purification of Scorpionic Energy in 5D

Once you are in contact with scorpion energy, it means that your soul is ready to get moving. We are approaching a Pink Full moon on April 29 and I have a message for those of you on the path of ascension and those not.

The ancient Egyptians revered the scorpion as a potent guardian for souls moving from one world to the next. It was a sacred creature to Selket the goddess of stings and bites. It was not uncommon for priests to use the scorpion on mummifications to protect the transforming of the spirit within. That endows scorpion with the power of change particularly in terms of our souls growth through various incarnations.

In Africa the scorpion sting is believed to have the power to heal and they honor the scorpion accordingly. In Shamanic mysticism the scorpion as a spirit guide created a deep shift in consciousness. The sting in small doses acted like psychedelic mind altering drug that when used, took the shaman into deep dream time and other realms.

In many settings the scorpion has come to represent unexpected death a scorpion dances playfully and acts purely on instinct. It is always ready for anything living fully each moment.

Scorpions have an incredible ability to protect itself making the scorpion meaning one of self preservation. although it has poor eye sight metaphysically meaning spiritual gifts of psychometry

in Greek mythology Orion was killed by a scorpion for its boastfulness, making it a creature that makes divine judgments. Scorpions will never sting without reason no matter the intention they are more willing to retreat than sting. The sting is very painful and poisonous and sometimes deadly, as I experienced first hand. as a matter of fact there are over 176 breeds of scorpions in the world with only a handful being deadly. One of which reside in the part of Mexico I was visiting exactly 2 weeks ago.

Scorpions represent ridding yourself of proverbial poison. ALL the negative things that are holding you back. Keeping you down and creating psychic clutter. Those unhealthy relationships will come to a clean end as it opens space for new birth and an entirely new vision.

There is no question that in terms of a spiritual awakening Scorpions bring you the message of TRANSFORMATION. I know this because I was bitten by a scorpion and nearly left this planet. Let me explain what I did to recover and how some things need to die in order to give birth to a new healthier and vital higher self.

I wasn't supposed to make it back from Tulum. The omens received for this trip where not on my favor. However I decided to go in the name of joy, love and connection. As I was about to get on the plane 3 people fainted two at the entrance of the plane and one mid air.

Geraldine Y Orozco

that was enough to signal to me that this was going to be a very interesting trip. My intuition warned me in dream time but everything had been planned. Those with scorpion energy live a very passionate life, but have a very real need for alone time. in order to experience spiritual growth allow the scorpion to guide you toward balance between your lusts and solitude.

They do no attack unprovoked so when this energy presents itself it is a very clean message that involves your highest level contractual agreements with your highest path.

Who are we negotiating life with? That's the question I had. I wondered this as I was walking through the Pyramids in Chitchenitza. As I am walking through the majestic stone ruins. The heat is so thick and humid, I start to get a headache. I hadn't eaten a large breakfast because we rushed out the door. As we circled the pyramids in awe, the energy and vibration was heavy especially in the arena where there were drawings of these incredible creatures on the stone walls. There is so much history here and the flashes to those moments in time where intense. Each stone had a vibration of its own. As I am walking past the sacrificial tower, drain holes for "blood" and heads, held the heaviest energy of all, over heard a guide describe the gruesome game. Images of reptilian energy rituals came to mind. This was very much a Reptilian blood line in the search of gold and DNA life force. More on that in my book.

I couldn't think. I needed shade and cool water as we start walking towards the Cenote, down a long lane of vendors siting in the blazing heat asking for us to buy their trinkets. I started to see blurry and then feel nauseous. We had to walk about a quarter mile and finally as we arrive at the Cenote with high hopes, we see a gigantic gated hole with no access to the murky waters below. I was so dizzy at that point I need to find a place to sit. we approach a little cabana with a restroom and water for sale I start to feel so sick that I cant even think. Then I start to get worried, my body felt dry and hot. Feeling faint, I sit down and start to drink water trying to cool my body down. But I am not getting my cooler I walk outside and start to breathe using my breathing techniques from hot yoga I figured "let me just imagine i am at hot yoga". but my heart start pounding faster and I become so dizzy that everything starts going into tunnel vision. I start to panic. so I start dousing water over my body ( I know this is a mistake) trust me my heart felt it as I am gasping for air. My heart was beating so fast I could not control it, I started getting chills. When it comes to energy work, it is important to believe that the mind is more powerful that matter. This is a core belief that must be instilled into every aspect of our subconscious mind in order to heal. I started running energy through my body visualizing eliminating heat to the core of the planet regulating the levels in the body. It was such a strange experience to be so hot and not sweat, I touched my body and it felt like I was touching someone else, It was burning hot. At that point I just started drenching myself in water until my headache started to subside. The water started to kick in and my vision when back to normal. As I ran energy through my body I created a powerful shield of gold light and visualized that this was my cooling mechanism. I focused on closing my first three Chakras so that I could disconnect from the physical plan (and its shenanigans). This is a very powerful and effective way to remove all energetic cording and connections to the physical. As multidimensional beings, we often don't realize how our energetic connections affect the unconscious mind. Think of it as your mind as a computer, while you are working on your emails other processes are operating in the back ground, since we have a very busy/active mind, our subconscious mind moves many thoughts, emotions and energy simultaneously through our every experiences. The nausea subsided. I didn't realize what a heat stroke was a the time. Looking back at all the symptoms it sent a chill down my spine to realize what could have happened (but alas, that was not my time). We started to walk back, my legs were weak and shaky. I just kept breathing, using oojai breath used in hot yoga, (I believe that also played a huge roll in helping me overcome this). Visualizing releasing heat out and breathing in cold. Healing my body and bringing my senses back to normal. I needed to get food in my body asap. as we walk back to the main Pyramid there was an ambulance to the right. I felt better at that point so I didn't think to stop and ask about what just happened. As I was walking to the restaurant the cool air conditioner felt like an oasis, It felt like life re-entering the body. I immediately felt anxiety at the thought of going back out into the heat. This experience was terrible. I recommend anyone that goes out exploring in the tropics is extremely careful with their water consumption, and trust me, I am used to drinking about a gallon of water a day. Mexico does not have suitable drinking water readily available, it has to be purchased and carefully chosen.

Geraldine Y Orozco

The scorpion energy is the most basic (root) and the least evolved "totems" of our zodiacal evolution. That also means that this energy has the ability to reach the highest levels of ascension. Indeed, as we are cycling through the Matrix reincarnation cycle, we are also cycling through a micro evolutions within the zodiac signs. Each "life" is masterfully created with the information our soul evolution contains, then our DNA and ancestral lineage evolution and finally based on your most recent vibrational imprint and multidimensional contractual work. One "selects" their soul contracts for the life you are about to enter. Each sign is focused on the evolution of specific dualities. For Scorpio instinct can rule over intellect, people living in this aspect of themselves tend to have have low self-awareness and low self-control. The most dangerous and vengeful energies belongs to this totem.

Leaving the pyramids we start driving about 10-15 mins down the road. and I was exhausted but so relieved to have over come that challenging experience with the heat. (heat and I have a very special relationship you can read about that in my Blog: The Purification of Fear pt.1 - this post being Part 2)

I drank 3 bottles of water and I had to make a stop to use the restroom. (trust me, I should have held it). We find a tiny little store that sold gum and candies and next to furniture varnish shop. there was a restroom. Note: we are in the middle of nowhere we are in the jungle. as I run into the stall the stall is covered in spiders and insects. I take a deep breathe and go in as I look down I see a giant spider running towards my feet, we are talking about a 3 by 3 stall I cant even move. I let out a squeak and as I do I feel a painful sting in my lower center back it was so painful I swap whatever bit me with my hand. Terrified, I jet out of this box, and rush towards the car, about 10 steps in, I reach for the door I see red and look down at my hands, my finger tips are covered with bumps/boils my hands look like popcorn. I could not believe what was happening as I look down I start to panic. Both arms start to go numb and am completely confused as to what just happened. I ask my dear friend, "What is happening???" as I show him my hands. We didn't know what to do, I start to feel my head spinning and I jump up to shake my body thinking something must have sting me in the stall!! My tongue goes numb and my shoulders start to tense up. we start driving and my mind is running a miles a min. I have never experienced something like this before so I have no idea what to do.

I start to feel nausea and my muscles start to cramp and contract, all over my body. I tell my friend we need a doctor. we approach a police check station and I ask to stop to see if they know what it is or how to get to a hospital. I jump out and ask them to please take a look (I know long shot) but I figured they were locals and knew about the possible danger of insects in the area based on my recognizable symptoms.

They all gather around me ( they were caring and respectful, no intimidation gimmicks) they all start talking until one of them said is your tongue numbing and are your arms numb and I say yes!!! he said. "Oh its a scorpion. depending on what kind bit you, it looks like your allergic. I'm sorry but you will have to try to find a special doctor. honestly there is nothing that can help you its either going to affect you for 24 hours or it wont go well either way you will know soon. Just drink a lot of water and put your feet up. Feeling dizzy and disoriented. I step back into the car my body is shaking and I tell my friend, "well I guess it should be ok" not knowing if that was even true.

I put my feet up and lay down my heart start to beat so fast I cant even catch my breath (Since I got bitten in the lower back the blood rushing to the bite was not the way to go it made it worse). I didn't make that connection at the time but I was terrified. I start to drink water thinking it would dilute the poison from the blood quicker. But as I drink water I start to feel nauseous, we are now driving through the jungle through little towns in between. Not a single Hospital in sight. I start to get worse. My heart is beating so fast that my chest starts to hurt. My muscles are contracting especially down my right leg and then over my entire body. I tell my friend I don't think its going well, I start to go in and out of consciousness as I look at the long road ahead I start to see a black blurry tunnel and the road disappears in front of my sight. I tell my friend I cant speak. At this point I can feel waves pulsing, crawling sensations through my entire body my muscles are contracting so strong now, I can see the muscle twitching on my legs. I know that Im loosing ground. I realize that I am in between states, my friend start to "OM" and surround me with healing energy but I can no longer hear his voice. My throat start to close up as i struggle to pick up my arm and reach for water my chest starts to cramp and I can barley swallow water. I drop down the water and I start to see a vision of my brother, my mother and my father standing around a woven basket filled with golden light. I deep sorrow enters my heart as I realize I am not going to make it, the thought of how much pain this will bring my family enters my mind and I ask the universe to be merciful with their pain so that they can understand that its OK that I transition.

As I start to feel my jaw stiffen and I can feel my hand tightly clenching my friends hand. I want to tell him to communicate to my family with love and compassion what happened. everything turns black where there was a road ahead a faint light at the far end. I am terrified but as I see this darkness I decide to surrender. "Ok take me if its time and I did everything I needed to do here go ahead, I am not afraid". Knowing what I know about the reincarnation cycle I realize that I will be taken through a round trip back into this reincarnation but I also know that my vibrational signature is what will dictate my next alignment. I felt a certain desperation, not sure who to call upon to assist me, I think of the Pleiadians and my Counsil but I am met with no one else but myself here. I ask to be shown the contractual agreement linked with this death. If i was to go, I would destroy the deepest aspects of this lesson. Before me appears a gigantic gold contract so long that it disappears into the dark abyss below me. I can see that it goes through lifetimes, a re-occurring contract linked to my ancestral origins and bloodlines back to the energetic imprint of my soul participation in the matrix. I start to see scorpions and spiders, all the horrible things that I fear most. I see the dualities of fear in all its aspects in the human condition. this was Kundalini energy the deepest darkest energy. On the tail of the largest scorpion I see a red light that expands into a root contract down to the very core of this contact. Its roots down in the core matrix of the human. I understand this energy as Sexual energy and its dualities within man kind. The most Sacred and power creative energy in the universe is also the most destructive energy in the universe. I see how though many lives this energy is used to enslave man kind through their lower aspects. the Root, Sacral, Solar. As large an appetite for Fear, Desire and Anger in a being is the duality for expansion, creation and love. and yet as humans we are enslaved by this very energy that is used to create. I see how humans are siphoned of this energy in masses. (more on this through my regression work with Miesha Johnston, not yet posted) this is the energy that has the power to creates and destroys man kind. To hinder ascension, all the complex emotions we send to back of room want to address as a later time, a time when we are not busy surviving in fear, or struggling with the matrix, that time is now my friends. An epiphany of understanding regarding my last 3 weeks overcomes me. All the emotions and experiences that would serve to test my focus on my path. My commitment to what I had signed up to do. I remember my work. and start running energy visualizing green earth energy entering my body and source energy combining I begin to run it through my multidimentional body. and yet my physical body feels so distant, all there is, is energy. I think about all my subconscious reactions to the world around me. It was all a test and I had failed. Believing that there was a part of me that had to sacrifice a certain divinity within in order to experience a temporary joy and temporary illusion without being connected with these motives. As I felt myself surrender to this moment of realization. I Accepted my lesson as it unfolded before me I integrating this understanding. Deep inside i knew i could not leave this planet without destroying this contractual agreement and cleansing my energetic vibration. I shined my light and destroyed the contract completely and I saw it turn into gold dust all the way to the root of my essence as a fractal of light in a sea of darkness. As I destroyed the contract my last intention was that my family was communicated with in the afterlife to ease their pain. ( I understood how frustrating it was for the dead to not be able to communicate through this Membrane of dimensions) and just as I see this occurring I take a deep breath and I feel the air flowing full inside my body. The black tunnel begins to dissipate around my eyes and I am back in the car clenching my friends hand breathing softly. I start to refocus on the road ahead. and I hear him talking to me telling me I'm doing great. I am back in body and I can still feel the contractions of my muscles, but less, my arms are numb I can barley move them my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. the Poison still rushing through my body. I could not believe what just happened to me. I didn't even know how I ever communicate this to anyone. These kinds of interdimensional experiences which at this point had many. So many unspoken truths to share with all. All I knew is that I had been given a second chance. Not by anther being or the Matrix. but my higher self, and the commitment to my work here. As I sit quietly in the car trying to integrate what just happened. I realize that as humans play around with our life. We sign up for specific journies and transformative lessons in our lives. And yet we are drunkened by the Matrix illusion of "LIFE" this ridiculously beautiful and complex creation of our minds that we create with virility and a deep desire to EXPERIENCE. We are drunk of the very poison we fear. Fear of feeling and yet we scavenge the world in order to feel. Fear of loving and yet we enlace ourselves in delusions of passion. Fear of being seen and yet we exhort every possible masquerade around us in order to be acknowledged. We live in such a deep dichotomy with ourselves. Its time to STOP. The moments when your inner voice says NO..we should honor it the moment when your inner voice says YES we should listen. the moment when we are faced with choices be brave enough to choose the one that is in contribution to our highest evolution. When we do not Our higher self makes sure that we are brought back on our path. Weather you are brought back with a Life altering NDE or a subtle symbolic message you swear you saw from the corner of your eye. It's like that feeling when you spend hours working on something on your computer only to see it disappear before your eyes, and yea, there is NO Clipboard, or, that moment when you are in the arms of a lover with that burning desire but they reject your advances. That moment that you are faced with the choice of weather to get angry or just laugh, accept or demand. What are we angry or demanding for? WHO is demanding and Angry? The burning desires that we cannot control or the emotions we cannot dominate that pure energy dormant at the roots of your being. Here lies ascension. We are not animals lacking consciousness, acting on instinct, we are evolved sentient beings that must ask who is being fed through these vibrational urges deep within us. That is the scorpion energy that we must embrace in the coming moments ahead. The trust in our divine connection can only be achieved through the disconnect from the physical enmeshment. Experienced through our embodiment of Source, flow with each ebb and flow.

Geraldine Y Orozco

L O V E Y O U R S E L F.

All My Love,

Geraldine Orozco

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