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Training The Body for 5D

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the work I do is teach how to train the body to hold higher strands of DNA and Vibration. The structure of the multidimensional body operates on the density of information which the individual holds.

The density is based on the amount of vibrational information stagnant in that space. If a person is holding on to massive amounts of lower frequency information it is instilled within the DNA. Since our bodies have the ability to operate in 3 ways: As a sponge, as a shield, and as a filter. It is our responsibility to learn how to activate these functions within our body, utilizing them when appropriate.

The proper use of our bodies can only occur by our incessant awareness of our human experiences. So everything we think, anywhere we go, whomever we interact with. Our work should start from the moment we awaken till the moment we sleep. This is what is required for our transition into 5D. There is no event that will reset our minds and magically pull us into a new world of fantasy and rainbows. We are living in a fast-paced and very serious time in which we must consciously ACT in order to create true lasting healing for our selves and for the collective consciousness. In our reality, we are traversing a very silent resistance toward the balancing of duality. Thus it is with every thought we create, that we are changing the scales if this matrix universe. At this moment the matrix universe requires healing from a manifestation of negative duality and this can only be achieved by the discontinuation of our energetic, vibrational and creationary contribution.

On an individual level, this is done by healing the dis-balance and creating balance. Each one of us has had a number of lifetimes here on earth, cycling through countless story-lines of pain and suffering. Q: Why don't the beautiful and happy positive experiences call for focus at this time? A: They will assist us in our healing however they are not the ones that require our attention for this drastic re balancing.

The duality we are looking to balance within is they key to the healing without. Indeed we are living in a matrix universe which is created by the law of 3. The divine trinity, with which was created this 3D matrix. However within this matrix, we die in order to fuel the survival of others. The Human Soul, The Source Soul that we each consist of. is made of pure source essence. Source is infinite, it is the origin of which everything in the matrix duality consists of. Its part is played in the positive/infinite aspect of each living organism. This Matrix Duality consists of organisms which are a manifestation of a lesser source fractal which means that they require a life support.

In this Matrix all beings which hold a larger essence of source naturally becomes life support for others. Why am I explaining this?

Ascension is the natural movement of the entire creation, source included. source is infinite providing a natural evolution of consciousness. Each one of us is that pure consciousness evolving with the purpose of its self-experiencing all aspects of existence. If the creation did not have the free will to experience all aspects of itself it would not evolve. This is how all organisms, fractals of consciousness, function.

Training the body to prepare for 5d

Requires us to understand the physical structure of the human organism. The human multidimensional body has many parts to it. Currently we live in a 3-dimensional reality, neighboring many other realities which we are simultaneously moving in and out of. However this reality has a structure formulated like a coil, within a coil, within another coil and so forth. Applying mathematically the golden ratio to understand how each dimensional reality is "measured". We evolve through the trajectory of these "Coils" completing cycles as we enter a new dimension each time. This is the basic architecture to our Reality. At this moment we are move from 4D to 5D within a 3D Matrix with in which it will also eventually shift to 4D. Ultimately Everything is evolving in a scalar form. Our ability to align with 5D vibrational reality consist of the body reducing its 3D physical "weight". That weight refers to vibrational information through the healing of trauma by replacing old vibrational thought programs with new ones. Resulting in a Lighter frequency.

Frequency is measured by its wave length. The heavier the density the slower it oscillates. the higher oscillation the lighter the density. 5D is a faster oscillating reality than our current reality, which means that we must also vibrate at that higher frequency. The elimination of lower thought form occurs by the integration of duality within a human. As we move out of the paradigm of 3 into a higher thought form of 4, We are required to activate the higher levels of vibration in order to train the body to operate within this new range. Currently, many of us are barley aware of the way the human body operates. Therefore we must turn to use the human body.

The White depicted in this image as 14th Chakra is Source. (These images are just examples please do not get stuck on the colors that are shown here, I will explain why later). One of the most important things I teach is how to train the body to enter 5D. We do this by understanding how to heal, clear Trauma and blockages from the multifaceted body.

Currently our bodies look like this: -Broken energetic space, completely open to all sorts of external energies that will feed of our human life force.

We simply cannot raise our vibratory signature if we are not dissolving and healing the lower frequency information within our bodies. It is with the internal work that each of us does that we heal the collective consciousness. I will explain that in another post where I will go further into understanding our Net work and relational contracts.

I created GPAC in order to assist the human in understanding how to start becoming aware of the physical body in relationship with the 3D physical plane around it. This allows us to become aware of how we navigate our experiences from all aspect of reality.

In my healing work I guide through an active closure of the first three energy vortexes. This is the first step to training the body to hold higher vibrations within the body. Please note that this practices must be done within a controlled environment. Otherwise the body acts like a sponge attracting all kinds of entities in alignment with the untrained subconscious mind.

Opening higher frequency chakras (wheels of energy which are connected to our endocrine systems and intricately connected with the multidimensional body.) we create lasting Transformation.

Understanding how the physical body works permits us the ability to access deeper truths, opening our channels to source which is the infinite source of information and truth. above all, our truth. .

All programs within the subtle energy body and emotional body.hold information that block us from our high vibration and ability to integrate duality, I invite you to do the work. with patience unconditional love and focus. Stay tuned in order to learn how to start healing Trauma and reprogramming DNA healing the multidimensional body.

Unconditional Love and Source Connection

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any questions please do let me know!

All my love!

Geraldine YOrozco


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