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Spiritual Resilliance

The Eb and flow of evolution is like sitting on the foreshore of the beach, New lessons come in waves, sometimes gentle, sometimes crashing and yet we must avoid being pulled too far in the ocean or tossed ashore.

This is how I have experienced much of the years of my spiritual work. I cant believe it has been calm for anyone that has worked with the internal disembodiment of false identities and ego. When we experience things in life and I am referring to every day life. whether we are in the office interacting with our colleagues and friends or family. We often feel emotions rise and fall throughout the day. Its within these emotions that the key to understanding ourselves lies.

there are three levels of thought the Tertiary, Secondary and Primary

Tertiary thoughts are the ones that we are constantly poping up in our mind as a result of external stimulation or external observation. These thoughts pull up information from the subconscious mind, but are mostly governed by the causal body EX

I am so fat today i hope i dont have to talk to anyone.

He is so cute and he smiled at me, i wonder what that means.

I like that song

I want that jacket

My boss is rude to me

I shouldn't eat this cookie

Secondary thoughts are the ones that are observing and expressing the emotions and feelings once tertiary thoughts are processed through our internal filter. The filter will decide weather something is good or bad pulling from our past experiences and then categorize an emotion based on that information.

Primary thoughts are the root cause of the thoughts. the origin of the thought which resulted from n experience that was perceived and categorized in a specific way in order to process traumatic experiences.

this work is so important and I decided to speak to you about this because often time we loose our motivation when inner work becomes difficult we reach emotional blockages that are so intense that they send us running in the other direction.

is when you need yourself the most. Do not abandon yourself! be there for yourself and assist yourself in feeling the deep emotions that are hard to feel. Because the universe is constantly evolving we are This work sometime may feel daunting but once you reach that understand of what that inner child or fractal of yourself required in that time. you experience a gateway opening of a new perception that helps you see things from a more neutral perspective.

This is the power of deep reprogramming healing. What you have then done for yourself is created new neuropathways so that when you are faced with this experience again you now have a process of where to look for healing, for needs to be met and the thought and emotion has been fully processed.

The world around us is like a projection of our deepest thoughts fears and emotions. if we are able to at least become mindful of our emotions on a micro level at least welcoming the dialog between our reactions and emotions. We may find a much more present and empowered way of interacting with life events. especially the difficult ones.

In this manner we opting for a more constructive way of being. Ultimately raising the collective vibration through our every action. I know it gets tough its temporarily easier to sit down watch a movie and zone out, but all external stimulation is based on programming. the good and the bad ... is simply vibrational information. We are like sponges, that process each, based on our perception. The matrix is designed to manipulate this truth in every way possible to stimulate the pleasure centers of the body through subliminal frequency; sound, images and emotions.

When life becomes to stressful to continue with your inner work here are some things you can do to help you:


you may be experiencing an Entity or Attachment that is pulling you away from your connection. Run energy and clear blockages and your Karmic contractual agreements.

Go out in nature

There is nothing like the restorative and powerful realignment of nature that automatically brings your meridians back into alignment and grounds you. It also raises your vibration.

Take a moment to utilize your creativity -

Some of us thrive on creative projects others not so much however taking the time to create something whether thats cooking, paining, cleaning, gardening, organizing, fixing a car, singing, playing music, creating music, anything that takes your creative forces into creation. Rewires your brain to open mind body communication. As the mind works together with the hands, coordinating to move in a healing and productive mind set. This is a very powerful energy that helps move stagnant energy. It doesn't matter how long you do it as long as you sit without any other distractions such as TV, music (unless you are making it), radio or anything else. Consider this an active meditation.

Work through the resistance,

This is the most important that is a must. you can combine with any other activity as long as you focus in this sooner or later.

Sit in meditation

feel the resistance

locate where on the body you feel the resistance

Identify what originally caused this emotion

Take yourself back to that moment where you felt that resistance.

Identify what it made you feel.

recognize and locate

process and eliminate.

Please take time to do the work your individual healing is the healing of your network (family/friends/partners/children) and from there every person connected to your family heals energetically through our etheric connection. We are all one. we are not alone, not separate and not isolated in our struggles and our successes.

for a one on one healing with me

Geraldine Orozco

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