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Are you or Aren't you? The Higher Self - Eclipse 2019

We have been going through some incredibly interesting last 2 months. Almost as if our consciousness passed through a thigh binding fog. Our inner connection questioned, hit by a hard stream of needing to escape and hide from that which highlights our deepest pain. Distraction from our connection, and from finding and bringing that inner calling into fruition. i have received hundreds of emails of people having difficulty with their meditation and connection to source.

This was a loud invitation for deeper integration. Challenged by the events that have presented themselves before us over the past 3 months. Those of you that have been working on their integration and trying to attain a deeper understanding of themselves have been going through deeper inquiries than ever before.

This is the beauty of evolution and a gift of ascension through the cycles of consciousness that become available to us through the natural movement within this organism of creation.

We are traveling through time and space In which this matrix functions as a portal. In 3D a holographic projection created collectively through coding and alteration of information each of its participating fragments which embody a soul carrying out these encoded programs.

Our souls as fractals of infinite consciousness pick up these movements from the multiverse and through that our tiny world which is self projected is experiencing shifts on microcosmic collective level. All of which is recorded with-in records that communicate and translate information inter-dimensionally.

At this time we have received so many waves of information that have helped us understand what it means to be human.

how to act

how to eat

how to live

how to think

how to feel

But the question is how many of you are actually doing that?

What makes the awareness of living in a state of integration so difficult?..... right now?

Its our belief system of what we should be and what limites us. And yet it has always been our belief system. If you have been following my work for a while. I have pu out many an invitation for you to question your emotions, your perceptions and your beliefs. Because I believe it is between the answer to these questions that we begin to find ourselves, our true selves.

You are consciousness becoming aware of itself. and that means that the little life you lead. This life in which you get up every morning and go to work and are moving in and out of stimulation, moving, in and out of emotional states, feelings, your thoughts, desires and expectations. All of these are holographic projections of your ego reacting to a system. reacting to a projection of a co-creation that you have helped to build by contribution of a belief. The belief that all "this life" is required to survive. Required to exist in this tiny illusion of time. the system you live in is built on how your lower aspects react to all these things. do you understand how that works?

I am not talking about the actual activities of your day. I am referring to how you interact with these activities.

When you decide you no longer want to be in survival mode and you want to chose a new way of being that is no longer in pain, in a state of fear, in a state of struggle and in constant survival mode. then perhaps you will make the change. Really that time is now.

My loves. you are infinite consciousness. Leave behind the habits, the emotions and the roles that contribute to your continued entanglement in this illusion within a cyclical life pattern.

Wake up and rise with consciousness that you are fully aware and responsible for the life you are about to experience today. Understanding that you are fully co creating this day. - this holographic illusion- based on your true core belief systems. (consciousness becoming aware of itself)

And if yesterday you believed or acted out in a different way, that ok! Today you are something new. Today you live your life in a state of consciousness without fear of anything. Because you are a powerful creator. This means that you are in charge of what you are thinking, feeling and intending. Why should you feel fear? (question fear) why should you doubt yourself?

This moment is a moment for you to embody that higher self.

The higher self alignment that is fully in the present moment, its perception is fully aligned in consciousness and it is aware of its ability to co-create its experiences.

You do not REACT to anything that happens around you. Instead you Create and you manifest what you need. From your health to your needs being met.

Embody This higher self. What does the higher feel like:

1.- All knowing because it is connected to the collective, the akash and is the translator to infinite consciousness within this multidimensional matrix.

2- It is complete authenticity - as an integration of incomplete aspects of duality t sees beyond the binary illusion of the matrix .

3- Transparency and the highest truth the higher self access information in alignment with your highest expression which means it will always provide you with the highest frequency truth. your 3d perception may not always be able to immediately translate these truths because it is looking at all possibilities within a non linear time line. past present and future. But training your intuition allows you to understand these communications quicker.

4- Communications from the highest self will always be cam, balanced, unemotional and fearless. this is why (reading state) is so important.

5- The higher self never reacts as it s aware that reactions are an unnecessary exertion of emotion and energy. instead it observes and reviews all possibilities on multiple timelines before acting

Its time to integrate the highest self. this energetic gateway of eclipse January 19th to the 21 is the perfect time to do this.

reality. On the ancestral collective level, let go of all that no longer serves you. As an organism of pure consciousness the time is now. Understand your multidimensionality. We simply cannot keep talking in terms of baby steps. We must stop baby sitting our fears and continue holding on to fase truths of the past. LET GO

Your DNA is ready and activated at this time to come into these understandings and more complex view of our multiverse and the role your soul plays here. we must come into this expansive perception.

For a DNA reprogramming Session

with me please email me at

I look forward to working with you soon!

Unconditional Love and Source Connection

Geraldine orozco

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