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Extraordinary:The Seeding- Out Tomorrow!

Extraordinary The seeding is now a 16 time Award winner with Laurels in Best documentary and Best Director. We are so proud of the amazing work Director Jon Sumple, Jack Roth and Jamie Sernof of J3 fillms have done to make this film what it is today. Lori Wagner Executive Producer was such a joy to work with.

Check out the numerous interviews including my recent interview with Third Phase of the Moon where we discuss the hybridization process in detail.

These experiences are meant to help educate and inform the general public on these programs in hopes to inspire curiosity and their own research in order to better understand the cases of myself and thousands of other men and women around the world.

The Leak Project

I you know you are or believe you are an experiencer within the hybridization project. I want to hear from you! email me directly at

Pre-order the film tonight at midnight!

Unconditional love and source connection!

Geraldine Orozco

DNA ReProrgramming

Hypnosis, Healing and Integration


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