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Zero Point Retreat

Join us on a focused weekend on the embodiment of our highest expression by learning how to embody a zero point

Healing From inside the womb - Replay Q& A
Healing From inside the womb - Replay Q& A
20 Meith 2024, 16:00 – 17:00 ASAC

Xane Daniel is an intuitively-guided Lightworker, accomplished publisher and captivating speaker. He helps people achieve mental and emotional health, bliss and peace by fine-tuning the subconscious mind and activating the heart. His graphic novel series, RIGHTEOUS, and his unique modality, Soul Essence Activation, are both powerful catalysts for enlightenment for readers and clients alike.

After an Ayahuasca experience in 2013 shifted his focus from video game production to spirituality, Xane discovered his connection to numerous extra-dimensional collectives, spirits, and other entities, including the Hathors, the Ancients, the spirit of Ayahuasca, the Arcturians, and the Andromedans.

Using his Soul Essence Activation modality for audiences and individuals, Xane incorporates intention and sound harmonics to bring the soul's essence to the surface. His unique modality clears mental and emotional blocks, crystallizes DNA, and raises the vibrational frequency of participants. Individualized sessions incorporate techniques to remove specific blocks to self-esteem, self-love, prosperity, personal relationships, health, and countless other struggles to allow for unencumbered spiritual and emotional growth.

In collaboration with his extra-dimensional support team, Xane also activates crystals, imbues water with awakening properties, removes lower vibrational attachments, eliminates negative soul fragments, removes alien implants, reveals and enhances spiritual gifts, and directly modifies timelines. Xane’s powerful activations coupled with his unique understanding of unconditional love and the nature of this reality allows him to guide clients to a place of inner peace and ascension.

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Tina Truong is an intuitive healer and bodyworker born and raised in California. After moving to Bali in 2016, she rediscovered her gifts through clearing past traumas and blockages in her life. She has always been able to connect to spirits and deceased loved ones at a very young age through dream state and in physical. There was a calling for her to move to Bali to deepen her practice of self-love, to let go of old stories and heal karmic contracts. 


During her YTT in 2018, she was called by the spirit of mother Ayahuasca during a breathwork session. After experiencing multiple ceremonies throughout the last 3 years, her psychic abilities unraveled tremendously. She had unlocked a very special gift she had forgotten. And with these experiences, her life changed forever. 


Her main gift is touch. Tina is very passionate about intuitive bodywork and believes that physical touch is so profound for humans to thrive and evolve with love. She truly believes that this is the key to staying grounded. It is her specialty and she continues to share her healing hands with many people she meets around the world. 


In addition, Yoga has inspired Tina to create balance in her personal life. Yoga means to ‘unite’ the mind, body and spirit. By reuniting the spiritual aspects of us to the physical aspects of our human form; it brings us back into alignment. With practicing asanas, breathwork, sound healing, positive affirmations and incorporating EFT (emotional freedom technique) – this can accelerate your healing to a brand-new foundation; a balanced and whole you. And THIS is what Tina wishes for everyone in this world. 

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