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Seed Dreaming Conference

Nearly three years ago an Original ceremony took place at Uluru that literally will change the world, forever! The “magic box” the Original Elders referred to, was turned on with the assistance of close to twenty million people. Since that seminal change in global circumstances and future directions everything on this planet is either imploding or transforming. Fear, greed, mutating viruses, political corruption, war, terrorism and financial insecurity is now our ‘daily bread,’ but the trick is what the Mayans refer to as “two roads,” and Hopi call the “fast flowing river” is also part of this new Earthly reality. Each soul has to choose which path to walk upon, and in doing so what the Hopi call the “Old Teachings” is the only way forward.

The third solstice ceremony shares two essential positives with the first ceremony. As it was in 2020, there were three planetary objects in alignment with the Earth (Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun) while the next ceremony sees three planetary players, the sun, full lunar eclipse and Uranus (the planet that is the harbinger of sudden change) also aligning with the Earth. This third ceremony marks the final stage in the Earth’s metamorphosis and the final days in which each person has to make a choice as to whether they stay or leave.

This three-day conference is wholly dedicated to this ascension and how and why we should become part of what comes next. It concludes with a live cross to the sacred formation of the same rocks that were involved in the first ceremony at Uluru. Join us the third and final ceremony and make a commitment to our Mother, to Nature and a future that will have no equivalent in the Cosmos. The change is almost upon us, join us in ceremony and what follows next will literally be Heaven on Earth.

This year we are asking our speakers to speak for 30 minutes on things they are grateful for and to create an intention of positive timeline which we all wish to manifest. We are also asking our viewing audience to submit 1 minute videos of the same intention to be played during the 3 day event.

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