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Geraldine Y. Orozco

  • CHT,

  • CMMT,

  • NLP, MBSR,

  • DNA Reprogramming, Intl

  • Speaker

  • Writer

  • Radio Host

  • YouTube

  • Corporate Meditation Programs

  • Educator- 

  • Holographic DNA Re-programmer,

  • Quantum Energy Healer

  • Shamanic Energy Healer

  • Pranic Energy Healer

  • Mindfulness Based Stres Reduction

  • Mediation Instructor

  • QiGong Master I,II,III

  • Ascension Coach & Experiencer.

" Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we evolve, the universe evolves. For we are the universe. The revolution that will change the world is ultimately a personal one, Lets get started!" -Geraldine

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About Me

Geraldine Orozco is a  Epigenetic Psychotherapist EPT, Clinical Hypnotherapist, C.H.T,  QI Gong Instructor, Medical Pranic Healer and intuitive Life Force Cultivation Master.

She is Certified as an N.L.P. Neurolinguistics Practitioner, and is a Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapist, M.B.S.R.


Geraldine has over 17 years of experience in Energy Cultivation arts with certifications of advanced Medical pranic healing, at the Institute For Inner Studies.


in 2007 shortly  after starting her journey as an entrepreneur away from the corporate arena. Geraldine founded meditation & QI Gong Programs for corporate and private studies in the san francisco bay area . In 2013 Geraldine entered into retreat for several months after major life shifting experiences where she began working deeper with energy cultivation, meditation and intuition. This time allowed her to discover profound deprogramming techniques releasing trauma based beliefs. She began to access and navigate her etheric body and the connection between emotional and ancestral memory.  One evening Geraldine experienced a fully conscious inter-dimensional contact experience. This experience resulted in the activation of the psychic abilities. As a result after several months of integration and practice Geraldine began to study and map the multidimensional body in detail. In 2017, Geraldine began to receive Downloads of information regarding the structure of the Universe, Universal laws and the nature of DNA in human Biology as it pertained to the soul.


 Working Closely with the cultivation of life force and diving deep into humana Biology and the morphogenetic field  she created a healing modality called DNA reprogramming, a combination of epigenetic psychotherapy and a thorough understanding of the life force runways through the body in order to identify, transmute and heal the body and soul written within DNA.


Geraldine is now dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge of biophysical Energy architecture, Multidimensional Genetics and the morphogenetic fields connection to our use and management of life force in our spiritual journey, every life and beyond the physical.


She is a radio presenter,international speaker and Youtuber


You can schedule an individual session or learn more on her website




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