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Conferencia Wisdom 2021

La Aplicación del Conocimiento multidimensional

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Wisdom Conference 2021

September 24 -26

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Welcome to The Wisdom Conference. 

This live Broadcast will feature researchers, Healers and Light workers that are actively dedicated to bridging the gap between understand and integrating into action or physically, complex wisdom ancient and new. The focus of this conference is to provide a valuable supportive learning experience with both lectures and interactive workshops.


We intend to provide enrichment, motivation and unity, with a clear understand of what is needed in order to transform knowledge into applicable wisdom.


We wish to assist in the transformation process of our world over the next 4 years and know that education is our greatest form of empowerment.


Topics touched in this conference include but not limited to: areas of our


physical and psychological wellbeing,

spiritual integration,

energetic hygiene and training,

Advanced and new technology,

Historical research of our origins,

Science and physics that allow us to understand our reality and the role we play as humans.


We look at some of the changes occurring in our world in all sectors of our lives.

These areas all play an important role in the holistic wellbeing of each individual especially over the next 4 years

Become the Change Embody Your Wisdom!


Mind Expanding Presentations

Wisdom of all ages and background

Science of Spirituality

Metaphysical Discussions

Deep thinkers, movers and shakers

Brilliant lights of the world





Interactive integrative workshops to embody wisdom received



Spiritual tools, books, and education.

Complete 3 day pass to our amazing virtual vendors and healers.


Join us as we gather great minds from around the world in creating a catalyst of personal transformation. Topics range from the physical body health to mind wellness and realization through the many languages of the universe.


Workshops with experts and leaders in their field, Will both lectures and host interactive experiences in order to help fully integrate the knowledge being shared.

Learn to embody a practical understanding of how to heal inside out/

Ancient Technology

Ancient Healing Techniques

Mind Body connection Workshops

Energy circuits and the Human Body


Math and Science of Nature Healing

Earth grids and healing the collective

Planetary Transformation

Health and Wellness Gut and Internal Organs

Higher Consciousness- the Higher self

Interdimensional Contact

Healing Arts in the future

The New Human

Self Love, Unconditional Love  and the Science of Bliss

Activation of Human Superpowers

Phenomena Angelic, Galactic or Human

Sacred geometry

Crop Circles



Virtual International Conference

September 24 -25 - 202

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