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Night Skies

Lucid Dreaming Course

Lucid Dreaming Training Ascension & Death for the Evolution of the Soul

Understand the benefits of lucid dreaming and mindfulness of dream and sleep

what is lucid dreaming?

Eyelid Jewels

Intuition, lucidity and free will

  •  dream recall 

  •     dream signs

  •     guided meditation 

  •     dream recall and relaxation

  •     how does it feel? 

  •      the “why” of lucid dreaming (psychological benefits)

  •     guided meditation – dream recall and relaxation

  •     the science of lucid dreaming

  •      friendship, not control 

  •     mindfulness, kindness and lucid dreaming 

  •     guided meditation – dream recall and relaxation

  •      is it a learnable skill?

  •      5 steps to boost dream recall

  •      5 steps to keep a dream diary

  •     Lucid nightmares

  •     Breaking free of sleep paralysis

  •     Recurring dreams as favorable lucidity cues

  •     Clarifying values and priorities

  •     The Mirroring Mind:  Mapping Models of Self onto Other

  •     Archetypal work​

  •     The Mindfulness-Lucidity Interplay

  •     Self-as-Context

  •     Identity Development and 'Defusion'

  •     Dialectical Models of Reality - Balanci

THis course covers

I want to master my Dream Navigation

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