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Meditation Group

Trabaja uno a uno con  SeekerPlus  Portal- Paquetes de programas de 1, 4 y 6 semanas. ¡regístrate y empieza!

Integración de cuerpo, mente y alma

Reciba contenido lleno de información que está diseñado para ayudarlo a encarnar su máxima expresión un día a la vez.

Seeker Plus

Elige el que más te convenga

  • MultiBody Course

    4 weeks of complete training on the multidimensional body
    Valido para 5 semanas
    • Advanced Multidimensional Body Course
    • includes 4 complete 1 hour courses
    • Learn about the Holographic Chakra System
    • Holographic Healing Technology
    • Rewriting your DNA
    • Advanced Manifestation
    • The Family Trap - Releasing Ancestral Trauma
    • A.I. Attachments
    • Matrix Overlay and Healing Blockages
    • Ancestral and Akashic Systems - Help or hinder?
    • Interconnected Networks of the Organic body
  • GPAC - The Solution

    Embody Your Highest Expression Change Your Life
    Valido para 6 semanas
    • Grounding in dept analysis
    • Grounding techniques from around the world
    • Grounding frequencies that heal
    • Testing body for presence
    • present moment training
    • cutting toxic cords
    • Protection- Advanced energy protection
    • Protection- advanced cutting cords
    • Protection advanced presence
    • Protection - home and environment spaces
    • Aligning Chakras
    • Align- Advanced Clearing
    • Align- Clearing Blockages
    • Co Create- Advanced Manifestation
    • Laws of free will
    • Daily GPAC Routine
    • One- 2hr - Live Q&A Training w Geraldine

    SelfLove Embodiment

    Master Class- Heal Your Soul & Embody Your True Self
    Valido para 6 semanas
    • What is Self LOVE?
    • What does Self love look like
    • Deep self love soul healing
    • Mirror Work
    • Daily Self Love Programming
    • Unconditional Love Behavior Programming
    • Neutrality and Expectation
    • Healthy Boundaries
    • Communication
    • Deprogramming false love programs
    • One- 2hr - Private Q&A Live with Geraldine
    • Masculine\Feminine Bodies Rebalancing
  • 1x1 Ascension Coaching

    Cada mes
    Monthly Virtual 1x1 Personalized Coaching - 2 calls The Higher Self
    • Personalized Advanced Meditation Techniques
    • Self Healing tools
    • Monthly Entities and Attachment Removal
    • Pain & Illness Support
    • Holographic Chakra Clearing
    • Total Body Calibration
    • Dissolving recurring trauma patterns
    • Assisting the Soul Through The Human experience
    • Access to 3 International Group Gatherings
    • 2x 30 min Q&A customized to your needs w/ Geraldine
  • Corporate Meditation

    Cada mes
    Virtual meditation twice a month - for 50 attendees
    • Corporate Meditation Session
    • 1hr Meditation
    • Mindfulness techniques
    • Free consultation of what sessions will include
    • Virtual and acessible through zoom
    • Once a month Open Q&A for support
    • Tools for daily mindfulness provdied
    • Custom classes to fit your needs
    • Custom Schedule
  • Emotional Mastery

    30 Days to master your emotional body
    • Overcoming Self Abandonment
    • Observing the Emotional Body
    • Surface and root Emotions
    • Life Force Depletion
    • Remove Emotional Blockages
    • Emotional Transmutation
    • Emotional body Training
    • Prenatal womb healing
    • Surrender
    • Emotional Stagnation
    • Emotional Cords
    • Ancestral Emotional Lineages
    • Embodying Balance
    • Changing Frequency
    • Shame - the root of self distruction
    • Emotional Belief systems
    • and so much more!
    • Master your emotions change your life
  • Sit With Me

    Cada mes
    Run Energy and break karmic contracts daily
     1 día de prueba gratuita
    • Run Life Force
    • Ground
    • Protect
    • Align
    • Co-Create
    • energy cleansing technique
    • align with universal life force
    • clear matrix debris. heal and activate DNA
    • Energetic hygiene technique
    • change your life from survivor to co creator
    • Clear Karma
    • Illuminate manifestation
    • Embody sovereignty and free will in the present
  • Advanced Lucid Dreaming Course

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