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30 Days Alchemical Transformation 2023

3 dic 2022 - 31 dic 2022

  • 287participantes


Every year I design a 30 day challenge in order to better support and facilitate your internal transformation. In this Challenge with will work with both the physical and non physical elements of your multidimensional body in order to work with our innate life force stream this challenge is very much a life style changing prompt that includes advanced breathing, meditation, energy work and qigong practices along with yogic energy work. we are focusing on cultivating and harnessing life force through the three major cultivation points in the body. unconditional love and Let do this! 2023 here we come! Review of Body Violet Light Learn how to use crown chakra for manifestation Learn how to heal the internal organs Day4- Learn how to use crown chakra for manifestation Learn how to use your crown to create, heal , terminate toxic patterns Learn how to use chakra for refraction of violet light Learn how to use meridian lines in the body Learn how to cultivate and move root chakra life force Learn why emotions store in certain parts of body Learn how chakras strife trauma Learn how to transmute sexual energy into cocreation Learn how to use your spine for moving energy Learn how to use the tongue Learn 8 brocade qi gong practice Learn to clear anger from organs And so much more! 30-day program




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