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Advanced - Lucid Dreaming Ascension Training

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Lucid Dreaming Training Ascension & Death for the Evolution of the Soul Session 2 Levels of lucidity in lucid dreams Beliefs in lucid dreams Using mental energy Lucid dreaming induction techniques Session 3 Creating a stable lucid dream Moving in lucid dreams Moving in lucid dream space Creating “experience” Lucid dream examples and their lessons for lucid dreamers Waking activities that assist lucid dreaming Session 4 Emotions in lucid dreams Using lucid dreams for emotional healing Interacting with others in lucid dreams: dream figures Active imagination and lucid dreaming Active imagination guided exercise Topics we will cover dream recall dream signs guided meditation dream recall and relaxation how does it feel? the “why” of lucid dreaming (psychological benefits) guided meditation – dream recall and relaxation the science of lucid dreaming friendship, not control mindfulness, kindness and lucid dreaming guided meditation – dream recall and relaxation is it a learnable skill? 5 steps to boost dream recall 5 steps to keep a dream diary Lucid nightmares Breaking free of sleep paralysis Recurring dreams as favorable lucidity cues Clarifying values and priorities The Mirroring Mind: Mapping Models of Self onto Other Archetypal work​ The Mindfulness-Lucidity Interplay




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