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International Experiencers Support Group

Meet online through zoom invitation. Subscribe to join. Hybrid Parents, hybrid, experiencers and contactees of ET, Interdimensional contact welcome.

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International Experiencers Support Group
International Experiencers Support Group

Horario y ubicación

13 ene 2023, 5:00 p. m.

Acerca del evento

Are You An Experiencer?


Abductees claim participation in the Hybridization Program


Americans Claim Alien Abduction


Abductees Claimto know the purpose of the Hybridization program

Welcome to HybridMother, This platform is meant to provide support and education for those experiencing interdimensional phenomena.  This includes experiences around,  Interdimensional ContactNon Physical Consciousness Vibrational and Light ManifestationsTerrestrial Contact/AbductionsExtra Terrestrial ContactUnexplained Spiritual PhenomenaHybridization Experiences​Here, you will find access to the Hybrid Mother private international support group and workshops led by Geraldine Orozco. Receive support by vetted Hypnotherapists, healers and therapists in the field of interdimensional  phenomena and Spiritual and Metaphysical educators. Some Contact experiences result in PTSD and for that reason  these powerful support groups are designed to assist with integration,  trauma and education. Workshops and lectures offer education through a wealth of information from top researchers and experiencers in the field. In addition to many tools to assist your spiritual, emotional and physical integration of life as a contactee

About the event

This  is a free support group. Please feel free to have questions available. I  will also post questions to help guide the session you can feel free to  answer them if you feel comfortable. They are meant to help the process  of recall.If  there is a topic that is traumatizing and sensitive please feel free  email  me privately if you do not wish to have that topic discussed.Some topics discussed are sensitive please be courteous, respectful and compassionate of others emotions, triggers and sharing.This  is a safe, and private space for everyone to share their experiences.  Please be prepared to share.  If you are unsure if you have had an  experience please do not hesitate to share what you can even if its just  questions for the group.I truly look forward to connecting and meeting with you all and hope you had a wonderful week!Questions please email me at geraldine@hybridmother.comAbout me and this group!In 2013 I had a paradigm-shifting experience  In which I was introduced to my Hybrid children. When this occurred I was unsure about how to navigate the experience, having never before explored this topic I was confused and needed answers. I searched for answers and found amazing authors and researchers on the subject, but what I needed the most was someone to speak to about it to help me process and understand my personal experience as well as the physical and multidimensional implications involved.

As a Hypnotherapist and DNA Reprogrammer - I now help address trauma caused by contact and provide protection tools and techniques as well as understanding to assist you and your family.If you are an abductee, experiencer, hybrid Mother, Hybrid Father please join us to discuss and learn more.I am here to facilitate a safe space to

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