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Geraldine Y. Orozco

  • CHT,

  • CMMT,

  • NLP, MBSR,

  • DNA Reprogramming, Intl

  • Speaker

  • Writer

  • Radio Host

  • YouTube

  • Corporate Meditation Programs

  • Educator- 

  • Holographic DNA Re-programmer,

  • Quantum Energy Healer

  • Shamanic Energy Healer

  • Pranic Energy Healer

  • Mindfulness Based Stres Reduction

  • Mediation Instructor

  • QiGong Master I,II,III

  • Ascension Coach & Experiencer.

" Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we evolve, the universe evolves. For we are the universe. The revolution that will change the world is ultimately a personal one, Lets get started!" -Geraldine

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About Me



Bay Area Meditation was founded in 2009 with a vision to create accessible and simple meditation programs for companies in the Silicon Valley. A former CEO and entrepreneur in the luxury event design Industry, Geraldine Orozco realized that meditation was integral to success in business, relationships and her life purpose. Her interest in healing modalities deepened after the passing of her  partner in 2010, as a result of a malpractice overdose with addictive and unregulated over the counter medications.  This sparked Geraldine search for answers around what love, was and the meaning of life.  Soon an unquenchable thirst developed as began to question herself she soon discovered that emotions were encoded with more than physical sensations. but rather complex information that when sitting silent she began to detangle tracing roots in family ancestors and the origin of our human race. Questioning the origins of all systems that make up our every day lives. She soon discovered that who she had become was a product of profound and complex programming. Programming, that were a result of cyclical patterns of trauma.  As she looked around, her it seemed to affect every single person in her circle. She began to research through the meditation groups she held and discovered many were questioning these same systems. This insatiable search took her to lectures and books, she became certified in Holistic Stress Management, Quantum and Pranic Energy Healing and attended lectures of luminaries but was not finding answers.  Geraldine decided that in order to answer these questions she would have to apply everything she had learned up until that point and experiment until she saw for herself through physical and mental practice what was true and what was not. Having had the opportunity to explore and experience first hand many religions and dog mic schools of thought while growing up, she knew that her answers could not be found in these schools. Entering a new phase of her deep inner work. Her meditations deepened up to 9 hours a day and through several days at a time rarely eating or stopping to drink water, her career was put on hold for 5 months during this time. Geraldine experienced a complete deconstruction of belief systems and trauma programming. Geraldine discovered that there was something quite inverted in the societal structure of our world. And that fundamentally humans did not have an equal opportunity to understand or differentiate this inversion from the roles' identity played in compartmentalizing life as we know it.


In the fall of 2013 the 5th month of this work, Geraldine Experienced a life changing interdimensional contact experience which shattered her current understanding and even questioning of reality. This experience resulted in the activation of psychic abilities and a powerful sensitivity to the human energy field (multidimensional body). This life-changing event forced her once again to  assimilate for another 3 months, unable to leave her house due to heightened physical sensitivity. Realizing that her life would never be the same again, In 2017 Geraldine made yet another life-changing decision. With many more unanswered questions  she decided to undergo hypnosis regression Therapy. This resulted in an even further activation of psychic abilities including a holographic vision in which she was able to map out the complex energy system of the body

This allowed a deeper study of emotions, Trauma and how the body becomes ill and how to reverse these illnesses by accessing the root cause of these programs.

Regressions, uncovered a life-long history of interdimensional contact and participation in life force hybridization, with 24 hybrid souls as the result.  These Experiences prompted a powerful paradigm shift and resulted in the sale of her business and leaving of her 12-year career to pursue research, education and support for others

In 2018  Geraldine experienced a near-death Experience which opened a renewed sense of purpose and clarity in her work. Opening wide her connection to source she began to receive downloads of pure information. She developed an ability to paint nano scale frequency patterns of the body, as well as speaking the "language of Light".  These experienced continued to challenge every level of knowledge acquired to that point. Realizing quickly that life is about constant evolution and rebirth.  


Geraldine utilizes her deep embodiment and in-vivo vision of the multidimensional body, life force networks of the body, interdimensional architecture of the human organism, as well as holographic DNA. Through her visionary gifts, unconditional love and ability to access, identify, heal and transmute trauma fragmentation she has been able to guide hundreds of people to life changing realizations and long-lasting transformation.


DNA Reprogramming is a powerful healing modality Geraldine Created a registered Trademark in order to assist those that are on a serious journey to end personal suffering, Transform toxic thought programs and heal ancestral trauma with a focus of become whole (healed) as they integrate their fragments on all dimensional planes as they navigate this collective experience of ascension.


Geraldine now dedicates herself to the dissemination of knowledge of hybridization programs and the correction of the commonly held dogma of the human genetic timeline, historical record and human bio structure.

She is founder of, an international support group for anyone experiencing interdimensional experiences


Geraldine's Inspirational story is now part of a 16 time winning Documentary called "Extraordinary the Seeding"

She has also appeared in TV shows including "Unidentified" with Demi Lovato and Ben Hanson in Travel Chanel's  UFO Witness, and guest appearances in several documentaries on Healing, Consciousness and ET Contact.

She is a Radio host, Artist. Speaker and Healer.

To work one on one with Geraldine you can book it here welcome to her website!



Work With Geraldine

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