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What is DNA Reprogramming?

The human body Is a beautiful multidimensional organism composed of layers of conscious matter which are both physical and non physical.  - Geraldine Orozco 

A New view is emerging that all matter may have a holographic nature, Each elementary particle, be it electron proton or neutron, exists as a result of complex interaction with the rest of the matter and energy in the universe. This includes matter existing in the past and in the future. The radiation exchanges with all these particles make up the pattern of energy around each particle.

This pattern of energy can be viewed as a hologram in space and time, a fourth dimension. 

Torsion Field and the Aura - The External Biohologram 

Every cell in the body is oscillating at a specific vibration frequency , These oscillations create a toroidal field around each cell. these cells make up all layers of the bio field and hold information which is created by the frequency of oscillation. Cells make up organs, bones, tendons, muscles, skin and all the organs. the organs of the body also create a toroidal field based on its frequency.

















These are connected to the endocrine system which is the energy center points or chakras of the body. 

The body is made up of hundreds of energy points such as these chakras which move like vortecies of energy or information. These vortices function much like routers that receive and emit information. 

The skin, organs and all parts of the human body function like sponges or receptors that absorb, process and record everything that is in its environment. This is the foundation of Epigentetics where everything we think, eat and do. Writes our DNA.


When the Soul attaches to the human body it attaches two networks. The earth holographic matrix overly and through that the network that connects you to ancestral lineages. These lineages are created by cyclical vibrational patterns that are collected by matching resonance. Networks are made up of vibrational agreements we call families, relationships, and even acquaintances.

Each human is deeply interconnected with one another. Just 2000 years ago we all shared a relative. Therefore this allows us to become aware of our origin point. 

As we can see through a review of how epigenetics functions we are not at the mercy of our Genetic make, In fact we have the ability to change and edit our DNA based on how we chose to live life. 


DNA Reprogramming focuses on holding space for you to embody your Highest Vibrational Expression. This expression is very different from what you may be currently expressing while experiencing blockages, pain, suffering, depression and low frequency emotions. The identification of this frequency then assists you in Reprogramming the information that you are currntly carrying in the body. 


Separation consciousness

Geraldine Utilizes her ability to see the multidimensional body to guide you every step into a deep state of theta in which you can begin to train yourself to see and activate the intuition.  Once she identifies your highest vibrational expression you are guided to reach the root cause of these memories which are stored holographically with in the non physical layers of the body. 


Embodying the Rainbow body

As we remove blockages and clear toxic thought programs the body becomes clear, open and expansive. The intuition is activated and we are able to have a clear communication between body and mind. The body heals imbalances and begins to live through its true most authentic expression. The only way to embody Free will is through conscious awareness. choosing unconditional love. 




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