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How to prepare for a Hypnotherapy

How to prepare

These Instructions are only for Hypnotherapy - if you booked a

DNA Reprogramming please click here instead for time sensitive instructions


This is a dedicated healing time for your SOUL. 

Anything that will take away from this time, will interrupt our ability to do the work that you and I are meant to do together.


The following steps are mandatory please follow these instructions in order to have a successful uninterrupted session:

  1. Create an account with the email used to purchase your session.

     2. Log into your account

   3. Questions must be submitted through the message center (please note that all communications must go through the message center, no other inbox will be acceptable)

  4.  . Prepare 11 - 20 questions for your session - Submit questions 24 hrs prior to the session, or the session will be rescheduled/cancelled Submit questions through the messaging portal of your account. Please do not submit these questions to any other email they will not be prepared in time for your appointment. (scroll to the bottom to learn more about what kind of questions to ask)

  4. Please be sure to have a STRONG & Stable Internet connection

     We recommend that you have a hard-wire connection. Please be prepared to connect to a hardwired  


   5.  Sessions are only through ZoomZoom is free you can download it here - Free Zoom accounts can only record up to 30 mins.  Zoom does not always require download as web browser zoom is also available and free.


  6.  You may NOT use your cell phone for the session. -No session may be done through a cell phone. Appointment will be 

       canceled and rescheduled and is non-refundable.

  7. A headset, earphones with Microphone set is required - if you do not have proper sound both ways the  

        session will be rescheduled. (Kindly test this ahead of time)

  8. Device must be connected to power 

  9. The device must be positioned where both you and the Therapist can see and hear you clearly.     

  10.  Devise must have camera and secure connection - A Laptop or tablet that will not be interrupted by calls, messages, 

        or notifications at any time.

   11. Phone must be on SILENT/Vibrate-No notifications or alerts must disturb the recording of your session.

  12. This healing must be held in an indoor space.

​  13.  All communications must be documented in your account, It is mandatory to create an account on this website in order

      to change or discuss your upcoming session or for any communications. The team does not have access to any other 

       email. Please be sure to follow this important instructions we are not responsible for any missed communications outside

       your account.

  14.  Please DO record the session. You are responsible for recording the session. You may use an application like, Voice memo

       or voice recorder. (these are free apps that either come pre-installed on your phone or require a quick download.) kindly

       do this before the session to not take up time.


 15.. The Session may go up to 3.5 hours - please be advised; Some issues are very complex and require additional

     understanding of memories, We may take as long as is required to reach the root cause of the blockage. If you need the

      session to finish at a specific time please let Geraldine know at the beginning of the session.

    16. You must have privacy. Kindly do not have any noise or other people or loud animals around you at the time of the

       session. We may discuss topics that are very sensitive and private to you. Please provide yourself with the necessary

      healing space to do so.

  17  A quiet comfortable room where you will not be disturbed or distracted. It is recommended you leave your pets outside

      the room.

  18  A comfortable recliner, bed or sofa, in which you can lay down/ lean back into in order to relax with a  supported back,

      slightly elevate your feet where you can relax and where your face is visible during the session.

  • A pillow and a blanket (optional), glass of water, box of tissues.


   19.  15 min Max Trouble shoot window; Should you experience connection issues at the time of the session, we may trouble 

        shoot the problem for 15 mins. However, please note that beyond that time the appointment will be rescheduled and is  

       non-refundable.  Kindly prepare ahead.


   1.  Please be sure to use the correct email to log into your account if you do not see the booking you scheduled in your account you may be using another email to log in.


  2. Please do not cancel an appointment in your account if you wish to reschedule - this will delete the appointment and you or we will no longer have access to the booking.

  3.  Zoom Link You will receive a reminder email 24 hrs before your appointment this email includes the zoom link for your session. If for some reason you do not receive a link please log into your account to access the zoom link under bookings.

  4. If you are experiencing technical issues at the time of your appointment please message us immediately through the message center by logging in.

  5. No shows - IF we do not see you in the zoom room within the 15 min troubleshoot time your appointment may be rescheduled or canceled

Spiritual Preparation


Change is the only constant in life.  Heal, as every moment is a rebirth!

I can't wait to meet you!  


  • is the application of hypnosis

  • In this session I will guide you step by step into a deep state of the subconscious mind called the Alpha State.

  • This process will be different for everyone, and you may be guided as deep as possible in order to assess what your higher self requires


These are questions that you are asking your deepest self, also known as the higher self or wisest self, in the deepest state of hypnosis brain wave. The deeper we go, the more we will be able to access.

Your Questions can be about any issue you wish to work ok during the hypnotherapy session

  • blocks,

  • traumas

  • health issues

  • Past lives

  • Interdimensional contact

  • life events

  • things you wish to heal

  • things you wish to understand for your spiritual evolution

  • you will be fully conscious and aware not sleeping

  • The use of remote hypnotherapy via Zoom is as effective as an in-person session. Often people experience better overall experiences due to the fact that they are in their own comfort zones at home.

  • Hypnosis is all about focused listening & relaxation; physical touch is not a necessary part of a hypnosis session. 

  • This is a gentle process in which you are able to access all aspects of the past, present and beyond in order to access the root cause of the blockages, trauma, past lives, future lives and the higher self.

  • The more you deprogram, the more memories will arise for healing opportunity. These Blockages project into your present reality.  



1 .  Before the session, meditate Daily for the best success of our work together. This will help you practice surrender, 


    observation, Visualization & imagination.

2. Drink water before session-We are 98% water, when we are hydrated everything is flowing properly in the body, this also means that the body can move energy through the body better.  Drink water before AND especially AFTER the session to flush out the physical aspects of the blockages removed from the multidimensional body. 


You can easily reschedule your appointment in 4 steps:

  • log into your account

  • Under "bookings" in the menu, select the appointment you wish to reschedule

  • Select "reschedule"

  • Select the desired date and you're done!

Please note that we reserve the right to reschedule the appointment at any time


Non-refundable Cancelations must be submitted at least 24 hrs in advanced

All my Love, and look forward to embarking on this healing journey with you!







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