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Self Love Coaching

Learn to Love Yourself

  • 45 minutes
  • Virtual Offered Internationally

Service Description

Source Re-connection & Self Love Integration - A Daily Habit we meet Once a week for 5 weeks text messages reminders and checking once a week. Dive deep with us on a healing Journey involving active meditation, regression, breath-work and tapping. Actively removing blockages that limit our ability to progress on our personal evolution and spiritual awareness. This class we will focus on cleansing and healing the divine feminine while merging The masculine energies within. DO THE WORK: Through a powerful active healing regression we revisit our deepest triggers, Uprooting the programs that condition our thoughts, feelings and actions, Internally and externally. LIVE THE WORK: Awakening a daily dialog with self by learning how To integrate the mind and body. G.P.A.C. TRANSFORM: Create an all encompassing self love morning routine for the health of the Body, Mind & Soul. HEAL: Apply Deep Deprogramming, Trauma Healing, Other modalities applied, E.F.T. tapping techniques with Personalized Affirmations. based on your personal self discovery Journey. self-love. we identify the reasons why you do not love yourself DNA Reprogramming Coaching and Guided training to help Guided Meditation and Self love Healing, Regression Divine Feminine Cleansing - Clearing past relationships, trauma, self-hate programming and re-programing. coaching Chakra Cleansing guided mirror work

Contact Details

(330) 992-9253

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