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Healing the Woumb from within - Workshop


about the class The creation of our life purpose and life path manifest long before we anchor into the fetus. as we are seemingly summoned into creation by the resonance of our evolution. one of the most powerful stages of our development is during our time in the mothers womb. This is also where we experience the severity of birth as we first form into the density of matter and then are violently birthed into the world with our first breath. The time in the womb is the formation of our energy body as we take form and with that the subtle energy structure of our bodies records every moment. Our mothers and father emotions play a pivotal role in how we first create our nervous system and filters of perceptions through our energy body and endocrine system, the chakras. in this session we will deep dive into the process of identifying our core root trauma and enter into a hypnosis to heal and work close with these agreements. There is where we create powerful and deep healing which will last generations. Join me as we celebrate the divine feminine in each human both man and woman. This class is best for any human that has experience birth. if you have reached the memory of the womb and don't know how to heal it. join me live. Lecture - hypnotherapy and healing


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