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Home/Office Energy Entity Removal

Shift the life force in your space

  • 1 h
  • 200 US dollars
  • Virtual Session through Zoom

Service Description

Our environment is direct reflection of our internal state. When we store and suppress heavy emotions or live in disharmony these emotions become stagnant in our environment in which we feel them repetitively. This session is for you if: If you have a hard time organizing and cleaning your home if you have a lot of disharmony in your home If the individuals living in your home are sick or always becoming sick If you are depressed and cannon break depression for a long time if you have severe anger coming up all the time if you have strong emotions that are suppressed over time if you have a hard time expressing your emotions if you are trying to sell your home if you are trying to buy a home (align with new frequency) Experiencing Poverty mind set Experiencing blockages in your life A clean home promotes healthy energy flow: Open space is necessary in order to release stagnate energy and entities that attached to clutter, low vibrations, fear even pets This service is offered virtually through zoom international time zones available Includes Energy Healing and Quantum Feng Shui consultation

Contact Details

(330) 992-9253

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