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Glastonbury Conference 2023
August 11- 13

As the planetary shifts are palpable both inside and out, we are on the cusp of the greatest awakening for earth and humanity. The times are both challenging and exciting!

Join us for Portal to Ascension’s first ever international in-person conference, live from Glastonbury, where you will bask in the glow of soul kindred star family while recalibrating to your highest destiny path.

Our carefully selected high vibe presenters will help us piece together the fragmented parts of our existence and timeline to create full circle awareness of the truth of who we are and remembrance of our connection to the cosmos.

Now is the time for us to co-create harmony, well-being and prosperity for all on Earth. 

Let’s gather to deprogram ourselves from outdated matrix systems and re-member the inherent truth that connects us all. We activate each other into our truest potentials, individual gifts and collective resolve so that we may usher in a whole new reality that we know is possible and is waiting for us to embrace it.

Spiritual Wisdom, Earth Connection, Source Activations


The Evolution of Consciousness

The family of mankind is awakening to our multidimensional nature and divine heritage. Who are we and how did we get here? What is the nature of reality? How do we best navigate these pathways of awakening as the energies of a former age fade and we glide into new possibilities? What is our true divine heritage and birthright and how do we access it? Are we where we think we are? Join our well-studied, insightful and inspirational presenters to dive into these deep questions for our collective ponderance and integration in the forward momentum of our times.

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