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Holographic Hypnotherapy

You are ready to embody the higher self. Holographic Hypnotherapy is a profound reintegration experience of journeying through the many dimensional fragments of the whole self, subconscious and unconscious mind. Reintegration is to become aware of all that you are. Each session is customized to fit your unique needs. Guided intuitively while working together to light the path to your highest self.


The moment we tap into this collective quantum field is where we access infinite wisdom, You may ask questions that are needed to assist your life journey,  find clarity on your lifes purpose, life events, heal trauma, fragmentation and collective ancestral trauma.


Utilizing holographic vision on these planes, I travel with you to address each piece from the physical, mental and emotional roots. Removal of Implant thought forms and clear the etheric body to the highest dimensional plane available.  The Journey to integration of our highest self is one and the same with that of embodying unconditional love. Creating a life of Health, Purpose and Conscious Co-creation.

Suggested areas of focus:

  • Personal Growth/Self-Esteem/Self Love

  • PTSD/ Trauma

  • Pain management and illness

  • Regression Therapy 

  • Belief and behavioral changes

  • Anxiety

  • Motivation

  • Stress/anxiety reduction

Before your session please read the following

Phenomena & Extra Terrestrial/Interdimensional Contact

Regression Hypnosis and Trauma Therapy

  • Healing 

  • Integration 

  • Hybridization

  • PTSD

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Child Therapy

  • Protection and Contract work

  • Please prepare 3-4 hrs of undisturbed time

  • sessions are done virtually over Zoom

  • require a headset

  • camera

  • and  hardware

  • or very stable internet

  • That can support video and audio through Zoom

  • Sessions are recorded for your review.

  • Available Online

    Powerful Deep lasting Transformation and Healing - Body, Mind and Sou...

    3 hr 30 min

    400 US dollars
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